Yuri here hanging out on the pier here in beautiful, sunny California. I want to talk with you today about how to generate more client appointments. If you’re watching this, you’re a health coach or a fitness expert or somebody who is going to be coaching people and you’re probably going to be enrolling them over the phone or in person, right? Mostly over the phone if you’re running a business online.

Two Important Distinctions When Enrolling Clients On The Phone

I want to share two important distinctions with respect to this discussion about  “how do I generate more clients appointments? How do we get people on the phone? How do I enroll more clients?” So two considerations.

One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of health coaches make is with their websites. You go to the website and on the navigation bar you see book a call now and you have a free consult call. You click the link and you can just book a call. If you do that, that’s a really big mistake because what’s going to happen, and you may have noticed this already, is that you’re getting a lot of people on the phone who are not qualified. They have no context of how you can help them. And it’s really important if you’ve read this book called Presuasion by Robert Cialdini, and if you haven’t, it’s a really good book to read, but if you don’t want to read 400 pages, I’ll give you the gist of it. The whole gist of it is that people are influenced by what comes before an initial offer.  So when somebody is about to book a phone call with you, unless that person has been consuming your contents and buying your philosophy, drinking your Kool-Aid for a good amount of time, the likelihood of them jumping on the phone ready to do business with you or read to enroll with you is very unlikely.

Do You Have A Perfect Client Pipeline?

Now, one of the things that we help our clients build is what we call a perfect client pipeline and one of the most important pieces of this, this is a four step process. It’s actually a four step business model that runs our whole business and that of our clients. But the most important piece before the phone call is we include a Webinar and we don’t actually allow people to book calls with us unless they’ve watched the Webinar. And it was a very specific reason for that. Because the webinar builds context and it primes prospective clients before they got on the phone.

If you want to get more client appointments, I would just maybe re-tweak that question to be like, not necessarily how do we get more appointments, but maybe how do we get better qualified people on the phone. And in order to do that, you have to have some type of context to prime them before that.

I think in our experience at 10 plus years doing this, is a Webinar, which is essentially an online presentation is the most effective way to do so. Don’t worry so much about getting more clients, you need to get the right clients.

Once you have this pipeline built out and you can see consistently that you’re getting qualified people on the phone.  For every three people you enroll, one or one of two, now you can start thinking about, okay, cool, how do I scale this? How do I do so predictably? And the best way to do so is to pay for advertising. And I know this is, it’s a whole other conversation, but the holy grail in business is if you can spend a dollar in ads and make two, three, five, ten on return. Sadly, most health business owners don’t do that, and that’s why they continue to struggle.

Here’s What I’d Like You To Do

So if you are someone who wants to generate more appointments and generate more clients, here’s what I’d like you to do.  Subscribe to our Healthpreneur channel right now. We’ve got hundreds of videos to help you do just this. So just go through some of this stuff on marketing, monetization, some of those playlists, and you’ll see some really great videos on how to do exactly what we’re talking about here.

I hope this message finds you well. Remember it’s not about the number of prospects you’re speaking to, it’s the quality of them, and in order to get more qualified people on the phone, you have to have context before that.

So hope this finds you all. Subscribe to the Healthpreneur channel today. Check out our other videos and lots of amazing stuff and more coming your way. From beautiful, Sunny California, talk to you soon.


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