How do you get more coaching clients? If you’re an online fitness trainer, if you’re a health or fitness coach, you want to get more clients. Well, I’m going to show you exactly what to do in this quick video.

Number one, if you don’t get this right you’re going to spend a long time spinning your wheels. You’re going to take a long time building your online platform, and that can be very frustrating in the sense of it’s going to cost a lot of time and you’re not going to see the results you may want to see.

How do I know? Well, I’ve been doing this for a long time, since 2006 to be honest with you. I built two multiple seven-figure companies in the health and fitness space. My name is Yuri Elkaim, in case you don’t know. I now run a company called Healthpreneur, and we help coaches who aren’t growing fast enough in the health and fitness space get more clients and scale their coaching. I want to spare you from a lot of the suffering that I had to go through because I didn’t know what I was doing when I started my business online all those years ago.

What NOT To Do

Let’s just look at a couple things we that we shouldn’t be doing, especially if you want to get more clients. When I say get clients, I’m talking about getting clients sooner than later, right? I’m going to say something that’s a little bit bold. I don’t think you should be doing most of what everyone else is telling you to do. I know they’re probably saying the same thing about don’t do what other people do. It’s confusing, right? Marketing is very confusing sometimes but hear me out here. Listen, if you’re doing what you’re doing and it’s working, great, keep doing it. But if you’re doing what I’m about to share with you and it’s not quite working out, well, there’s a better way.

If you’re posting all day on social media, if you’re doing summits, free challenges, posting content on your blog or YouTube channel, if you have a podcast, and none of that stuff is getting seen or getting traction, you need to stop what you’re doing immediately. Put it on the back burner. The only thing you should be worried about right now is how to get clients predictably and consistently. And not just any clients, but clients who are willing to pay you top dollar, to pay you what you’re truly worth, because you need to believe that you can create a major transformation for someone. And that’s more than a hundred bucks a month. Okay? And you have to really believe that.

Do This Instead

Okay, so how do we go about getting clients? Well, when we work with our clients in our health business accelerated coaching program, there’s only one thing that we do, and it’s a really simple four-step process we call the Perfect Client Pipeline. What it entails is four pieces. The first one is called Predictable Prospecting. How do we get prospects predictably into your pipeline? We do that by using Facebook Ads.

Facebook has told us that less than 2% of your followers will see anything you post. So the only way to play on Facebook, and by the way, Facebook owns Instagram, is to pay. So you have to pay to play. Now, obviously you can lose a lot of money on Facebook if you have no clue what you’re doing. There’s a lot of people who’ve done that and who think that Facebook Ads don’t work. Well, they work, trust me. 95% of our revenue comes from Facebook advertising. So it works, and it works for our clients. So that’s the first thing we do, we don’t do anything else.

Now, you might be asking, “Okay, Yuri. Well, why are you shooting this video and why is it on YouTube or other platforms?” Because I have the space to do this stuff now. I wasn’t doing this for the first two years of my business, I can promise you that.

Teach To Sell

Second piece is we look at how do we teach to sell. We do that through a webinar. The webinar is an online presentation that is super helpful for the attendees and is going to move the right ones to the next step, which we call Ask and Asses. That’s essentially an application for people to go to the final step with you, which we call Coach to Close, which is essentially a phone call or a discovery call to see if there’s a mutual fit for you guys to work together.

Those four steps are the only four steps you need to build a very successful business and get clients starting tomorrow. Now, obviously it takes a little bit of time to build the pipeline, right? Most of our clients, I would say on average, if they’re starting from scratch, it takes about 10 weeks. Some people get it done a lot sooner, some people get it done in a week. But on average it takes about 10 weeks.

Imagine this. Imagine that you spend the next two months building out a predictable system in your business that can, once it’s deployed, start bringing in your perfect clients like clockwork. One of our clients, Brandy, who’s a naturopathic doctor, amazing what she does, again, it took her about two months to get her pipeline deployed. One week after she started running her Facebook Ads she got four calls booked. Two of those people enrolled with her at $5,300 each. That’s a $10,600 week.

Now, I’m not saying you’re going to get the same results, but that’s what’s possible when you have a system that can predictably bring leads and clients into your business instead of you manually outing in a lot of time and effort to getting clients by posting a thousand times on social, creating all sorts of content that no one sees.

Listen, if you want to get clients, if you’re resonating with what I’m sharing here, here’s what I want you to do. Ironically, we’ve got a great online training. It’s called The Seven-Figure Health Business Blueprint.  Click it now, check out what I’m talking about. You’ll get a much deeper dive into exactly how we built our business, how our clients are doing the same. If it resonates with you, then book a call with us. We’ll have a link to book a call with us near the end of the training.

But again, this isn’t for everyone. If you are a health, fitness, or wellness expert, if you coach clients, if you are committed to growing your business, if you’re someone who has this belief that you have more to give this world than what you’re currently doing and you feel you’re massively underperforming in terms of money that’s in your bank account and the clients you’re serving, then I think you’ll really enjoy this training.

Hopefully this video’s found you well. Hopefully it’s given you some things to think about.

Click this link to access the training.

I’ll see you in the training and I think you’ll enjoy it.


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