In today’s episode I’m going to talk about how to make more money by giving some of it to me.

I know, I know, that sounds somewhat controversial or egotistical, but bear with me as I explain this.

Whenever there is a necessity, that is when we are called to a higher level of action and we do whatever we can to make things happen.

But for some reason, we end up dong the bare minimum in business where we become conditioned to making enough to covering the bills.

What you need to do is trick your brain to do above and beyond the bare minimum.  What I want to do is think of ways to stretch higher instead of just the bare minimum.

One of the ways to do that is to hire a coach.

If you were to hire me to help you get more clients and grow your business, you are now going to have a little bit of a deficit that you have to pay every month.

Knowing that you have this commitment, you will find a way to make that happen. When we don’t have necessary expenses, we don’t make the money to pay for them.

I do think there is positivity to creating gaps — deficits that you have to fill. When you create a vacuum, you find a way to fill that vacuum.

Once you watch this short episode in it’s entirety, and you get the context around what I’m saying, it will make sense.

In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 04:00 – Introducing Today’s Topic

04:00 – 08:48 – Put Yourself Into Commitments That Create A Gap


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What You Missed

In our last episode I talked about the secret to getting what you want in business.

If you want to get what you want in business and in life, you need to focus on things you can control.  In other words, you need to focus on the process and not the outcome.

It’s easy to get lost scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to others, but truth be told, you don’t know what’s really happening behind the scenes with these people and what their metrics are.

Yes, while you do need to focus on the things you can control, you need to know what are the things you need to do that are effective efficient and how to be proficient.  That comes with perspective and guidance of someone, such as a coach, who can look at your business objectively and guide you on what it is you need to do to be effective, efficient and proficient.  If you’re not investing in your business, you’re not growing.

If you missed it, you can catch the episode right here:  The Secret To Getting What You Want In Business