How To Treat Patients Online

For decades, medical professionals such as chiropractors, physical therapist, naturopath, etc.,  get paid for what you do. 

As a health professional, while you do have a lot of knowledge, what you have been doing is trading time for money, i.e, getting paid for your “hands on” work.

When you think about it, you should be getting paid for what you know, not so much for what you do.

This is where transitioning to or adding virtual services to helping people on line comes into play.

You would be surprised at how incredible the outcomes can be when you start thinking differently about how you can help people.

You are more than just your hands and if you couldn’t physically touch someone to treat them, with the knowledge you have, you can still make an impact in someone’s life.

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What You Missed

If you’re a Chiropractor,  the way you market can have an impact on the growth of your practice.

To help you do that better, here are five marketing tips that will help you grow your practice.

1.  Master Your Marketing

As the primary leader of your business, communication is your primary function. Communication is also known as marketing. Marketing is everything you say, type or do. It is the message you put out to the world.

2.  Specialize
In the medical world, you have “generalists” and specialists.  Generalists essentially do not specialize in one type of condition, where as specialists, are the “go to doc” for 1 specific thing and get paid more than generalists do.

When you specialize, you become more of an “authority” and trusted source.

3.  Make It All About Them

Your messaging cannot be about everyone.  When you try to help everyone, you end up speaking to no one.

4.  Be Consistently Visible

Over the years, organic reach across social platforms have significantly dropped.  You can’t be visible if no one sees your message. The biggest currency is attention and where attention goes, money flows.

This involves email marketing, using Facebook Ads as a more predictable and reliable way of getting people into your practice.

5.  Share Less Of What You Know And More Of What You Believe

As a Chiropractor, you need to share what you believe to be true.  Here’s what I stand for.  Here is what I’m against.  You’re going to share that from your lens of how you approach health or treat pain.

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