Welcome back to the Healthpreneur Podcast! You’re in luck – I’ve got another solo round just for you. Today, I want to share the epiphany I had while travelling around and training with some tennis coaches this past year.

It’s this: Having too many coaches is worse than having none. Why? Because it’s frustrating, their advice always contradicts each other’s, and you just never seem to get on one path and stick to it long enough to see results.

As students, we need to filter our sources down and stick to one coach and one path. As coaches, we must educate our clients on the importance of sticking to a game-plan and staying focused on our teachings despite information they may receive elsewhere.

Tune in to find out what you can do RIGHT NOW to curate the information you consume and move towards your goals on a clear, effective path.

In this episode I discuss:

1:00 – 2:30 – My revelation while travelling and playing tennis

2:30 – 3:30 – Why having too many coaches is worse than having none

3:30 – 6:30 – Focus on one path, have one coach, stick to it, and have your clients do the same

6:30 – 8:30 – An example of the long-term game plan paying off when you stay focused

8:30 – 9:30 – What to do TODAY to get rid of contradictory and confusing sources

9:30 – 11:30 – What to do if Healthpreneur resonates with you


Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to the Healthpreneur Podcast. I want to share an interesting insight with you. As you may or may not know, I love playing tennis.

This year, I’ve been very fortunate to have traveled a lot, especially in the first quarter. I’ve traveled to Morocco, Orlando, Mexico twice, Scottsdale, and some other places. In most of those travels, I played quite a bit of tennis, which is amazing but also a bit of a dichotomy.


My revelation while travelling and playing tennis

I’m going to share exactly what this means for business in just a second, so bear with me. In Morocco, I got some lessons from a tennis pro. Cool stuff. Then I went to Orlando, to the UST National Tennis, and I trained down there. I got some direction from their UST coaches.

Then I came back to Toronto and it was freezing cold, so we went to Mexico. I played tennis down there and got some instruction from another coach. When I got back to Toronto, the season started getting a little bit warmer, now I got some instruction from the pro at our tennis club.


Why having too many coaches is worse than having none

I quickly realized that having too many coaches is worse than having none.

I believe this is true because every single one of them told me different things. “Here’s how to position yourself on the forehand. Here’s how to position yourself on the serve. Here’s how to move your feet for this backhand,” they said, and each case was different.

As a player, it became confusing, overwhelming and, quite frankly, very frustrating. All I wanted was one approach.

I wanted to be told what to do, and I wanted everyone to say the same thing. Now, let’s take this to the world of business, health, and wellness. Your clients, the people you’re serving, probably feel the same way because they’re on a lot of different people’s list. They’re following a lot of different gurus and experts, and those experts are probably all saying different things.


Focus on one path, have one coach, stick to it, and have your clients do the same

“Oh, I heard this from so and so. I heard the complete opposite from this person. What do I do?” This is the dilemma that we have to solve, and I believe as a coach, as a leader of your tribe, you have to tell people, “Listen, if you’re with me, you’re with me. I’m going to show you one way and I want you to follow that one way until we get the results you want to get. Then, from there, you can move onto other things, but for now, we need to put the blinders on and focus on this one path.”

In tennis, for instance, there’s no one way to hit a forehand. So, when a coach said, “No, no, no, no. You must hit like this,” I thought, “This doesn’t feel good to me at all. This doesn’t feel natural to me. Why am I doing this? It’s pissing me off more than anything.”

What you need to do is find a coach whose approach resonates with you. At the same time, when you’re bringing clients on to work with you, they should be seeing you as the one person to help solve their issue.

There’s more than enough people to go around. We’re always thinking from a perspective of abundance, not scarcity, because if there’s a million people that you could potentially work with, not all one million people will resonate with you. Some will resonate with someone else, and that’s fine.

At the end of the day, as a coach, we’re not just selling our system or our framework. We’re selling ourselves, our personality, the way we are, and our methodology.

That’s why it’s such a great space to be in, and that’s why I believe that having too many coaches is worse than none.

Now, obviously, it won’t help you to have no coaches because then you won’t have any direction, guidance, and accountability moving forward. But I can tell you from my experience with tennis, it’s very frustrating. That’s why I think a lot of tennis players have one coach. Ideally, they spend a lot of time with that one coach instead of changing coaches from tournament to tournament.


An example of the long-term game plan paying off when you stay focused

Another example is Toronto FC, the soccer team in Toronto. They won the MLS Cup last year. They’re arguably the best team in MLS history, as was mentioned by several people at the end of last season. Ten years ago, they were the worst team in MLS. Teams enjoyed coming to Toronto because they knew they’d get points to throw into their reserves.

For six or seven years, that persisted. Every single year, there were one to two new coaches every season. There were all sorts of new players coming in. There was no consistency.

About five years ago, Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainments, which is the managing company that runs the Toronto FC, Toronto Raptors, and Toronto Maple Leafs, made a decision. They knew that what they were doing wasn’t working. They bought in one coach and, come hell or high water, they decided to stick with that one coach.

They brought in Greg Vanney about five or six years ago. For the first two or three years, they didn’t get the results that they were looking for, but they knew that this was a long-term game plan. Fast forward four or five years later, and they become a championship winning team.

I want to get this point across to you: Find that one person, that one coach, and be that one coach for other people.

I understand that people will evolve. They’ll come in and leave and move on to other things, and that’s fine, but during your engagements, whether that’s six months, twelve months, ten years, or whatever it is, encourage them to put on their blinders and just focus with you.

You’ll give them a certain approach to improving their health and life, and that approach might be a little bit different than what somebody else might say.


What to do TODAY to get rid of contradictory and confusing sources

You don’t want your client to come back to you and say, “I heard this over here and I saw this on a commercial,” because you’re always going to be having to explain to them why that stuff doesn’t make sense. Obviously, it’s a challenge in today’s day and age where there’s bombardments of information and new ideas and new things, so as a coach, our goal is to get people to stay focused on the path.

If you’ve got kids, it’s very much like that. “Hey guys, walk on the sidewalk. Yeah, come off that person’s lawn. Get off the road. Yes, come back to the sidewalk.” It’s like herding cats. People are the same as kids. Well, kids are people, but I would say adults are very similar because we’re distracted.

Our attention is a big deal. We’re on Instagram, we’re on YouTube, we’re on Google, we see something, and it’s like, boom. Off to the next thing.

We want to dial that in, and get people focused.

It’s better to have one coach than many, and if you’ve got many coaches, it’s probably better to have none. That’s just my perspective. Here’s what I’m going to suggest to you: If you’re on a lot of different email lists, unsubscribe from all of them except for one or two. That’s it. That’s what I’ve done.

I get my inspiration from one or two sources. From a business and marketing perspective, it’s two sources. From a personal growth perspective, it’s coming from one or two sources, but those sources are so in line that they’re not contradicting each other. It just depends on my mood and the flavor of the day. I’m either listening to something like Earl Nightingale or Abraham Hicks, and the message is the same, for the most part.


What to do if Healthpreneur resonates with you

I’m not listening to stuff that is completely out there or contradictory to what I’m on this path to do, and I would recommend the same for you. In your case, maybe you’re thinking, “Hey, Yuri seems like the dude, and Healthpreneur seems like the group that I want to be a part of because this makes a lot of sense.” If that’s you, awesome. I’ll tell you what to do in just a second, but if you’re thinking, “Listen man, this guy is full of shit. I don’t like what he’s talking about,” that’s totally fine as well.

Unsubscribe from the podcast, go your own way, and find somebody else. That’s totally fine. No hard feelings. That’s just the way the world works, right? But if you do feel like this makes sense, if you’ve listened to 122 episodes of our podcast, something tells me that you see some benefits to what we’re talking about here.

Obviously, we can serve you. We can help you if you’re willing to step up. So, here’s what I’d like you to do right now if you haven’t done so already. Book a call with us.

Let’s get on the phone and talk about your business, what you want to do, where you want to go, where you are now, and what’s holding you back. Let’s have an honest, truthful conversation and let’s create some big wins for you in 45 minutes. Again, it’s a completely free conversation.

The reason we offer this is because it’s the best way to build a relationship with our tribe. Secondly, we know a percentage of people want us to help them at a deeper level to move their business forward.

Let’s be honest and transparent. It’s not a sales call or pitch. There’s none of that nonsense. We’re going to serve you and we care about your success. So, if that’s of interest to you, if you want to jump on the phone with us and get a clearer path for your business, then head on over to healthpreneurgroup.com/book right now.

Book a time to chat with us over the next day or two, and let’s get you moving in the right direction.

Thank you so much for joining me on the show today. We’ve got lots of great stuff coming your way. Book your call today. In the meantime, continue to go out there, be great, do great, and I’ll see you on Wednesday.


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