Is YouTube The Right Choice For Your Healthcare Marketing?

When it comes to healthcare marketing on social media, you’ve probably seen claims that Youtube ads beat Facebook ads. Is this really true?

Well, while there’s some truth in these claims, they might not apply to everyone. In this video, I compare Facebook ads vs Youtube ads, and explain why for a lot of online health practitioners, Facebook may be the best choice.

There are 3 things in particular that many people fail to consider when comparing the two platforms for healthcare marketing on social media.

First, in order for a video ad to do well and stand out on a video platform like Youtube, you need to be able to articulate and present your message in such a way that is really impactful. That’s a skill that takes some time to master.

When comparing Facebook ads vs Youtube ads, keep in mind the performance of certain ad formats on each. On Facebook ads, you won’t need a video for your ad to perform well. You just need an image (which has a lower likelihood of going wrong) and a copy. Whereas on Youtube ads, you won’t have any copy to accompany your video ad.

The second thing to consider when doing healthcare marketing on social media is the creative complexity of a video. On Youtube, production quality matters. In order to maintain the viewer’s attention, you’re going to need to employ techniques that most amateurs may not be able to pull off.

I share a third reason why Youtube ads may not always be the best choice for healthcare marketing on social media, which has to do with cost per conversion. Watch this video until the end to learn more as I compare Facebook ads vs Youtube ads, and see for yourself which healthcare marketing platform might be better for your business.

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