Jumping On A Sales Call? Ask These 3 QUESTIONS First!

Want to know if a client is worth your time? Today, I give you the 3 QUESTIONS you most definitely need to ask when qualifying prospects before jumping on a sales call with them.

When screening clients, you need to know their needs and what they’re looking to get from a call or meeting with you. And there are 3 absolutely essential questions you need to ask, to gauge whether you really can work with your prospects.

When qualifying prospects through pre-call application forms, you naturally need to start with the easier questions about their basic information. Don’t start with the difficult, open-ended ones that can put them off immediately! Ease them in before going for the hard ones.

And then, you can proceed with asking open-ended questions that’ll really help you in screening clients before a sales call. You ask more situational ones that’ll help you get to know where they currently are when it comes to their health concerns. What are the biggest challenges they’re currently facing when it comes to reaching their health goals?

People who give you more information during your process of qualifying prospects are generally more committed and will most likely be good clients to work with, so pay attention to how they answer their application forms.

Watch the whole video know all about the 3 most important questions to ask when screening clients before you actually invite them for a sales call.

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What You Missed

Handling price objections is easy. When it comes to your health coaching program, if someone says they can’t afford it, you know what you should say? Bye.

Just move on. The thing is, the people who use price as their sales objection right off the bat aren’t going to be good clients to work with anyway. They’re not going to take your health coaching program seriously.

The financial side of things is never the real issue. The biggest sales objection is always that the person doesn’t think it’s going to work. Think about it. If they believed it would work, no amount of money would be too much.

Price is all relative. Keep that in mind when handling price objections. Most people wouldn’t spend $5,000 on a pen. But if someone offered you a nice house for $5,000, would you say you can’t afford it?

That’s why you should always have a conversation to get to know where the prospect is at and what they need before telling them the price for your health coaching program. Only then can you determine if you can help them and what you’ll have to do.

Everyone wants the best but no one is willing to PAY for the best. When someone tells you your health coaching program is too expensive and uses the price as their sales objection, don’t get into explaining mode. Just say, “okay” and then let them go. I

f you have the right marketing system in place, you won’t need to beg for sales. There will always be people lined up to work with you. That’s what really makes handling price objections easy.

With a pipeline of prospects coming to you 24/7, you won’t need to worry if someone says they can’t afford your health coaching program.

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