Mark Savant, a media expert with a gift for creating, launching, and growing successful video podcasts, is on a mission to help as many people as possible turn their side-hustle into a full-time job. 

Initially determined to change his life from ordinary into something he would be passionate about, Mark left an unsatisfying corporate job after looking within and realizing that the corporate world was not for him. 

The world of video podcasting opened up a new world for Mark; aside from connecting with people all over the world, working in digital media and technology unlocked the joy of being a source of inspiration to his audience. 

Mark successfully made the transition into digital media and technology because he answered that internal voice and followed it to his calling. He didn’t like the direction his life was headed in, and instead of doing nothing, he stood up and did something. 

Mark is an influential media personality, connecting with athletes, celebrities, and business personalities, because of his ingenuity and ability to listen to what people are interested in and execute accordingly. 

Connect with Mark Savant

Instagram: @marksavantmedia


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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 00:55 —  Introduction to Mark Savant. 

00:59 –  2:21 — Why did Mark go into podcasting? 

02:22 – 04:17 — Why video podcasting instead of audio? 

04:17 – 05:05 — The complexities of video podcasting.

05:06 – 07:27 — The transition from the corporate world to media. 

07:28 – 08:36 —  Building connections through podcasting. 

08:37 – 11:19 —  Difficulty of building an online business  

11:20 – 13:43 — How Mark moved through moments of uncertainty. 

13:44 – 14:56 — Transitioning social circle.

14:57 – 17:00 — The changing world of technology – millennial age. 

17:01 – 19:23 —  Navigating and managing comparison to other people. 

19:24 – 23:22 — Relinquishing control in a business + Investing time in business without missing big moments 

23:40 – 25:39 —  Social media and paying attention 

25:40 – 26:38 — Time spent on what you know vs. new things. 

26:39 – 27:06 —  Innovation is the thing 

27:07 – 27:55 — Where to find Mark Savant 



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