Julian Brass, a speaker, corporate workshop facilitator, health coach, yoga instructor, investor, and international best-selling author,  did the work required to become a victor of his anxiety. 

 The founder of Notable Life — Canada’s largest digital lifestyle brand for driven millennials and Notable Awards — which celebrates the best in lifestyle, Julian took control of his anxiety and life, using anxiety as fuel to fire his purpose in this world. 

A big believer in the power of the mind, Julian also helps entrepreneurs create a positive impact,  build their brand & master their mindset.

Julian challenged his feelings of anxiety and used them as fuel to take control of his life. And that action changed the trajectory of his life and well-being for the better. 

Julian has had such a meaningful impact on mental health and branding because he offers a frank and honest discussion about mental health, growth, and mindset and shows up everyday honestly and authentically. 

Connect with Julian Brass


Instagram: @julianbrass

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/julianbrass/

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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 00:44   —  Intro to Julian Brass 

00:45 – 03:59   —  How Julian approached and worked through 2020

04:00 – 06:33   —  Julian’s history with anxiety 

06:44 – 10:40   —  How Julian made Anxiety, the thing that might have held him back, into his superpower.

10:41 – 13:11   —  How Julian helps people work through their negative self-talk. 

13:12 – 16:43   — Julian Stepping up on days when he’s feeling anxious to own anxiety rather than it owning him. 

16:44 – 19:14   —  A meaning that Julian shows up for, and how it keeps him going. 

19:15 – 19:38   —  Where to find Julian. 

19:39 – 21:36   —   Anxiety among entrepreneurs and how social media plays into it. 

21:37 – 23:02   —  “I know I’m being successful when…”




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