Tristan Bond is the CEO and founder of Practice Acceleration, a top coaching business for private health practice owners who want to scale their business quickly and powerfully.  

Having spent over fifteen years working as a health practice owner, marketing and growth specialist, Tristan uses his extensive skills to impart a massive impact on the health space for his clients.

Working exclusively with patient-centric, dedicated, and committed practice owners, Practice Acceleration helps produce huge breakthroughs for the practices they assist, helping owners to establish themselves and their practice, make more profits, experience time freedom, and improve the quality of life for their patients. 

Tristan is successful because he continues to open himself up to learning about the fundamentals of leadership, sales, and marketing, and because he is tapped into leading with kindness, understanding, and example.

Connect with Tristan Bond

Instagram: @practiceacceleration


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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:44  —  Introducing Tristan Bond 

01:45 – 07:15  — The moment when Tristan realized one-on-one in-person hustle wasn’t for him. 

07:16 – 09:11  —  The fundamental skills needed to transition from practice owner to CEO. 

09:12 – 11:58  —   The learning curve of the transition for him & the practitioners he works with. 

11:59 – 15:48  —   The transition for Tristan from practice owner to coach.  

15:49 – 17:23  —  Great leaders are self-aware; know themselves and their roadblocks

17:24 – 21:49  —  How Tristan maps out his big decisions for business. 

21:50 – 24:13  —  Where Tristan’s desire, hunger, and self-confidence comes from. 

24:14 – 25:22  —  Developing courage is critical. 

25:23 – 31:45  —  The ins and outs, dos and don’ts of building a great team. 

31:46 – 34:55  —  What Tristan’s excited for in 2021 

34:56 – 00:00  —  Where to find Tristan online




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