Today we take a deep dive with one of our Health Business Accelerator Graduates, Angus Burke who has over 10 years in the industry.

He is the founder of of EP Health, had recently sold a fitness company and had a strength and conditioning company.

His company, EP Health, is a B2B company working with HR Companies and is looking to refine his funnel at a higher conversion rate using email marketing, LinkedIn and Phone Calls.

Angus’s audience lives primarily on LinkedIn and we spoke in depth about to best use LinkedIn to use social engagement to spark enrollment.

We also spoke about how to best use social content on LinkedIn, how frequently to post and how to use social engagement to best initiate conversation using DM’s to build relationships with prospects.

If you’re curious as to how to best use LinkedIn to build social engagement and prospects, you’ll want to grab a pen and take notes.  The same principles we talk about using LinkedIn can also be used with Instagram and Facebook.

In This Episode Angus and I discuss:

01:23 – 02:27 – Introducing Angus Burke

02:27 – 04:42 – Current Business Model

04:42 – 05:58 – Angus’s Services and Who His Ideal Client Is

05:58 – 08:24 – Sticking Points and How to Solve Best Solve Them

08:24 – 25:04 – Using LinkedIn To Spark Engagement And Enrollment

25:04 – 27:16 – Email Marketing Strategies

27:16 – 28:50 – Phone Sales

28:50 – 35:26 – FB Ads and Messaging

35:26 – 36:09 – Wrap Up And Takeaways


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What You Missed

Our last episode was a deep dive with Naturopathic Doctor, Tanya Paynter,  who is looking to extend her reach outside her local community to help women who suffer from fibromyalgia and the symptoms associated with it.

To help her out, we took a look at her current business model to determine what’s working, what’s not working and what she can do to help grow her reach and her business.

Like so many starting out, Tanya went the route of posting content organically which no longer works with the recent changes Google has made in the search function of health and wellness websites giving preference to medical sites such as WebMd.

To help get her content out to more people, we introduced Tanya to our 4 step process that will help get her out in front of her ideal client in a way that will turn prospects into clients.

Tune in to find out what action steps you can implement to get your content out to more people, grow your social following and your business.