Welcome to the Healthpreneur podcast! Have you ever wondered how you’re supposed to stand out from everyone else doing the same thing? The reality is that our industry is huge – and growing.

Today I’m going to talk about how to stand out from the crowd. And the trick is not to even compete. Let me explain. You’ve got to create your own category. By doing that, you’ll instantly be number one. It’s that simple.

I can’t express how important it is to make your own category in our industry. It’s just too saturated not to. So, tune in and take notes as I walk you through exactly what you must do to shortcut your way to the top.

In This Episode I discuss:

1:00 – 4:00 – Climbing the mountain of success

4:00 – 9:30 – Two ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd

9:30 – 13:00 – Why your price must match the value of your offer

13:00 – 16:30 – Why certifications, accreditations, and classes aren’t everything

16:30 – 18:30 – A client example

18:30 – 22:00 – Serving yourself first to help your clients better


Have you ever asked yourself, “Oh my God I’m a health coach, I’m a health expert, I’m a naturopath, I’m a practitioner, I’m the functional medicine doctor. How am I supposed to stand out from everybody else doing the same thing? If health coaching as an industry is only getting bigger, how am I supposed to stand out from all these other health coaches? What is going to take for someone do business with me instead of the thousands of others?”

Well that’s what we’re going to talk about in this episode. This is an important topic so I want you to buckle down and pay attention.

Climbing the mountain of success

All right, so here’s the thing, is the way we help our clients in our health business accelerator program and then I’ve seen our luminaries mastermind is under this one premise, and this one premise is this. We’re not competing because there is no competition or there’s very little competition at the top. Let’s use the analogy of climbing a mountain.

Actually one of our clients Tim has climbed Mt. Everest twice, the first time he just got to the summit. Second time, he did it and it’s amazing and I keep telling Tim, I’m like, “Tim, you climbed Mt. Everest.” Anything else including this is a lot easier. So if we use climbing a mountain as an analogy there’s a lot of people at base camp, there’s a lot of people at Ground Zero or the altitude is what it is and there’s a lot of oxygen. As we climb up, well there’s less oxygen. There’s less oxygen the higher up we go, there’s fewer people because some people just they don’t have the stamina or they don’t do well with altitude so they have to hang back at base camp one or base camp two as we go higher up the mountain even further, there is less and less oxygen. It gets harder to breathe.

Again, there are fewer and fewer people who make it to the top and that’s what I want you to think about with your business, is you are creating a business at least with us that is getting you to the summit of the mountain instead of having you play at base camp with everyone else. That’s real. I want you to just let that visual sink in. If there are a thousand people at base camp there might be 10 people at the summit, and you have to understand that we’re not here to build a side hustle, we’re not here to build a hobby.

If you went to you know any kind of school or health coaching program just as general interest and you’re interested in that stuff, we’re not the right fit to work together. We only want to work with people who have deep expertise who know they can solve a problem for people even if they haven’t been doing this for years necessarily. But if you know that you can make a difference in someone’s life you believe in yourself then we can absolutely help you do that.

Two ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd

So how do we get to the top of the mountain? How do we separate ourselves from everyone else? Well, one of the most simple something give you three important distinctions and reminders here.

So number one, always remember this when people are investing in a coach they’re investing in a coach, they’re not just investing in a program, they’re investing in an individual you. Naturally, no one else is like you. You have a message, you have an aura, an energy, a philosophy, a way of speaking that is going to attract the right people and repel the wrong people.

Just like on this podcast or on social media or if I’m sharing anything online I’m very opinionated. And that’s great because I don’t care about everyone else who doesn’t agree with me. You’re only ever speaking to people who get it, or get you. People, they don’t like the way I look too bad right, or they like the way I look awesome, they don’t like the way I speak, cool, they like the way I speak, awesome. The same thing happens for you is you are going to attract people just by the mere fact of you being you. So you have a category of one right out of the gate if you are true to yourself.

Don’t try to be anyone else, be you, share you. That’s the first thing.

Second thing is you are going to have a, what we call a dream come true system. A proprietary process by which you help people get a result. This is the recipe that you put in place to help someone go from suffering to no suffering, from overweight to no longer being in weight. This is something most people don’t think about this is actually the first thing we do inside of our health business accelerator program in Module 1, is we get very clear first and foremost under perfect client but then second on the dream come true system, is what is the step-by-step process, you work with your clients through to get the result for them.

For instance, our proprietary process is called the perfect client pipeline, so that is a force that process, Facebook ad webinar application phone call. That’s the proprietary process. Now, our dream come true system is built on top of that is the thinking of what would have to be in place for all of our clients to succeed. So we have our proprietary process, the dream come true system now is built on top of that. All right, so we’re going to have these modules with these specific trainings on these specific areas then we’re going to have our group coaching calls, we have a one on one check in calls, we have the Facebook group support.

We have all these different things in place, we’re not overwhelming people as a bunch of different stuff but we’re helping them with the necessities so that they actually get stuff done. That’s what you have to think about with your stuff as well as what is, how are you going to meet there why? Your how should be the bridge to their why, they want to achieve a specific outcome why is that good? Why is that important to them? Here’s how we do this.

We have a proprietary process called this it’s a three step process, four step process, whatever it is and you don’t have to go into all the details about everything you do with them but you need to know how you’re going to help people. You have one call a week or is it a group coaching call, one on one check in, or you can do individual nutritional assessments, whatever you want to do, you want to figure that out.

That’s the first thing we do instead of our program because it’s really important to know where you’re going, or nor your clients you’re going to go before you can start attracting them. So that’s the second piece, is we’re getting clear on that deliverable. And that’s going to be different than what everyone else is doing. It might be similar but different. So let me give an example. Our perfect client pipeline, no one else has the perfect line pipeline.

That’s a name that I invented, but there are other companies out there that do and run or maybe even teach this process of ad webinar application phone call. We’re not the only people in the world to invent that. I’m not ignorant enough to say that, there are others who do that, but we give it a name that’s you need to us a perfect client pipeline and then how we deliver that is very different and very unique in the way that we deliver it, but we’re also the only … probably the, I don’t know if we’re the only but definitely the best the leader in the health space.

So if you want to work exclusively with people who understand health wellness and fitness because again I’ve been in this space for 20 years and all of our clients are health and wellness experts. This is the program to be a part of. You’re not going to be communicating or in touch or in contact with or hearing from people who have Facebook ad agencies or in real estate.

No, we’re only health and fitness so this goes back to your perfect client, as once you identify who you want to serve, you are the leader the top of the mountain for that group of people. So that’s the first two things, is we identify that group of people we’ve talked about this on a previous episode and we want to be the leader to that group of people, we want to clarify what is the process of being able to help them.

Why your price must match the value of your offer

And obviously you, being you, is going to help you differentiate from everyone else.

Third is we are going to price yourself away from the competition, while everyone else is charging 50 bucks a session. You’re going to charge $5,000 for a program. Okay?

Now if you just got a huge pit in your stomach when I said that, that’s great. You have some limiting beliefs to work through. Oh my God will people pay me $5,000 for my program? Yep. So one of our clients Lynn who’s actually listen to every single episode and I mentioned our last episode too, so Lynn what’s up if you listen to this one she now charges $6,000 for people to work with, and remember it’s not about gouging people for money. It’s about if you were to charge more, that means you are going that extra mile to help your clients actually get the outcome that they want.

That’s the thing to remember. It’s not about adding a zero for the sake of adding a zero, it’s not about doubling, tripling, quadrupling your prices for the sake of just doing that. It’s about, what would have to be true, what would have to be in place for my clients to succeed every single time. Okay, well if I’m going to do this, then I have a little bit more overhead if we’re going to bring in coaches if we’re going to have people help you with your Facebook ads, if we’re going to have people maybe you can run your Facebook ads. That’s going to cost us a little bit more money.

So naturally, we’re going to pass on the cost to the client to see where I’m going with this, is that the client pays more but they get a better result. And sometimes, remember, for a lot of clients price isn’t the issue. Instead, there’s not enough products, that’s the issue. If you’re charging $50 an hour for a session with somebody. That’s fine. And you have a phone call them whatever, but sometimes people don’t want that, they actually want to pay more to get a more certain results. When you charge more money naturally not everyone’s going to be able to afford you or nor do they want you, but that’s fine because what you’re saying is by paying more money to work with me I’m guaranteeing you if you do the work you will finally get these results instead of haphazardly having a coaching call here and there for 50 bucks an hour, 50 bucks a session, and I’ll give you like a meal plan and some PDFs, that stuff is nonsense.

When you get someone committed to a three, four, five, $6,000 program over whatever four, six, eight, 10, 12 weeks and you can work with them and they’re in it to win it, they’re going to do the work and show up. Now, it doesn’t matter what everyone else is charging, it doesn’t matter who you don’t even look you like honestly you just put your blinders on, get off all social media, don’t even compare yourself to other people, it’s a waste of time, it’s ridiculous.

Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle as someone once said, never compare yourself in general to anybody. Do I care what other people are charging? I don’t give a shit because it has no bearing on my business. If people are going to shop us and compare us like I don’t care listen, you can shop other coaches and if it’s going to save you a thousand dollars to go with them pay, go for it. I can guarantee you’re not going to get anywhere near the level of coaching support and winning strategy will with us, that’s guaranteed, I have no doubt. And this goes back to you, so you need to believe in your ability, you need to believe in yourself, you need to drink your Kool-Aid.

Why certifications, accreditations, and classes aren’t everything

And if you don’t, you need to drink your Kool-Aid. You need to make your program better, you need to be better but not to the point where you’re getting more certifications, you’re getting more degrees, you’re going back to school because all of that stuff is a waste of time. The health industry is friggin played by people getting ample, ample certifications that are just getting ready to get ready. I’m all for growth, I’m all for learning, I’m all for adding tools to your toolkit.

But the end of day, what’s the point of having five certifications so that you feel a little bit better about yourself to charge a little bit more. It’s a waste guys, it’s a waste of time and as you can tell drives me crazy because people think they have to do the certification and then become accredited with this organization, and then do all these CEUs. It’s ridiculous, it’s absolutely ridiculous.

If you know how to help people do not feel bad about charging for that, health, happiness, joy, relationships, friendships, fulfillments. These are the most important things to humans. If you disagree with me you’re freaking crazy. I just thought I’d tell you that straight. Anybody who says that the physical tangible things are more important than health, happiness, joy, family relationships is delusional and maybe not even a human.

We all know this to be true but we think for some reason that people are not going to pay or invest for those very things. How does that make sense? Oh but it’s easier to charge more if you’re helping businesses make money, that’s one belief, that’s one belief. But we have hundreds of examples of clients helping people with their health and fitness who are charging those same prices.

Premium prices, thousands of dollars, and not in a way of cheating people by actually serving them at a higher level and it’s the people that are charging I’m going to make a very bold statement here. It’s the people that are charging less that are disserving their clients, or disservice themselves. Either you’re charging too little and you’re not giving the client everything they need to succeed or you’re charging too little and you’re sacrificing yourself in the process. You are a martyr in your journey.

You feel that it’s not ethical to charge more because you want to help people with their health, so you are going to burden and you’re going to take on that burden and suffer. That is selfish and not going to get you anywhere because being poor helps nobody, being poor is not noble. If you’re pricing yourself to compare and compete with everyone else I’ll tell you, you will fail, you will fail because there is not enough differentiation for you to stand out. And there’s not enough fuel and energy and certainty behind what you’re doing to get your clients excited to work with you.

A client example

Remember, premium pricing benefits everyone, it attracts more committed clients, you show up to do the best work possible for them. Number three is actually reassuring, it’s reassuring because if you’re charging 50 bucks to help someone with a major issue there’s a disconnect there. One of our clients Judy, she’s a natural path a daughter she was charging $97 for a 12-week program helping people through cancer.

She came to us because she was having a tough time selling that. I told her straight up I’m like, “Judy, do you see the problem here? Cancer for a lot of people is a big issue, $97 doesn’t sound very reassuring.” So we started working together and she made some big changes, she now charges $15,000 and she changed the way she approaches it a little bit more, so now she’s working a lot more doctors and what they’re doing with her cancer patients.

But now she’s able to really make a big impact with her clients. And remember, here like premium pricing is more reassuring, would you want to get one of our luminaries mastermind members is a Lasik surgeon who is also building out a coaching program for type 2 diabetes. We talked about this at one of our recent meetings in L.A., and we use the example of, if you had to get Lasik eye surgery would you want the $99 deal?

No, you want the friggin $5,000 or $7,000 thing that’s really going to fix your eyes, 99 bucks for eye surgery. Like, I’m going to run to the sunset there, that is not reassuring. So you have to remember this is premium prices are better for everybody, and you’re not going to be able to work with everyone, not everyone is in middle for that nor do they want to spend that and that has nothing to do with you, that has everything to do with them.

But the right people will step up, I’m telling you, you will not have an issue attracting enough clients but you have to get over your own limiting beliefs. I’ve never been on an airplane where business and first class have been empty. I’ve never been to the Four Seasons Hotel and they are begging for people to come in. They’re not offering 50 percent discounts on Black Friday. Guys, there are people out there who will spend money and it’s not that we’re just catering to rich people, that’s not what this is about, it has nothing to do with that.

This is about if the problem and pain is big enough people will pay, that’s what it comes down to. So even if they’re not “wealthy” if they have a big enough problem they will pay for you to solve it for them or with them. It’s not we’re doing, we’re not talking to the elite of the elite here, that’s what I’m talking about that at some point, sometimes people think, “Oh you’re only helping the rich.” No, we’re not just helping the rich.

We’re helping people who see the value in solving their friggin problem, because they’ve read enough books and the books aren’t helping, or they’ve read the blog posts and they’re more confused than ever. So they’re willing to invest in a Sherpa who’s on a walk them up the mountain and show them the path, so they don’t fall off the mountain and friggin die. People the right people will pay you for that. So it’s a long-winded conversation. Again, you can tell us a lot of passion around this because I’m sick and tired of seeing health experts sacrifice themselves for other people. It’s ridiculous. You can’t serve anyone if you can’t serve yourself.

Serving yourself first to help your clients better

You can’t help anyone if you yourself are not taken care of first, I want you to make a lot of money, I want you to be a multi, multi-millionaire because you’ll become a better person in the process and you will have a lot more to give back in other ways. And you’re going to help your clients at a much higher level, it’s really simple. So I want you to send me an e-mail at some point whether or not you work with us and I want you to be like, “Yuri, this actually made a huge pivotal mindset shift for me, and I have no problem telling people that I’m a millionaire living in a big house driving all the fancy cars, having a private jet.

Whatever it is you want to do in life, whatever is most meaningful to you, you can have that and never feel bad about it. If you’re an energy healer and you think that you have to be all granola and living in Encinitas like everyone else, or in Bali on nothing. That’s your choice but you can also be an energy healer who is extremely giving and living like a baller, if you want to. I’m not here to judge either way but it’s never feel bad about making more money because you only make more money by helping more people, and helping them at a greater level.

It’s what you should be worried about is not being able to pay your bills, that’s a reflection of our inability to help people. It’s time to man up and level up and really just get out of the mind freak of, I don’t if I can charge my towards unethical. So anyways, if this makes sense to you and you want our help to get through this and really command the top of the mountain for you in your space in your niche, then we can certainly help you if you are an expert at what you do.

So here’s what I want you to do right now, if this resonates with you, watch our free online training. It’s called the seven figure health business blueprint. See the name? Seven figure health business blueprint, it’s the friggin blueprint to help you build a seven figure health business. I’m serious, watch the training if it resonates with you, then book a call with us. On the phone, we’ll figure out if we can help you we’ll give you, we’ll put that a bit of a game plan for what you’re looking to do. If we’re a good fit and you want to take things the next step, we can tell you more about our health business accelerator program if you’re a good fit.

Does that make sense? So again, very passionate about this topic as you can tell and I hope you take it to heart, hopefully it’s giving you some insights and some action steps to move forward so that you don’t compare yourself with anyone else, you’re not competing, there’s more than enough for everyone. And I hope this message finds you well and if it has, remember check out the training and we’ll take it from there. So the training is over at healthpreneurgroup dot.com/training and for now I’m signing off and I’ll speak with you on Wednesday.


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