Hey it’s Yuri from Healthpreneur.  I’m down here at Hermosa/Manhattan/Redondo Beach running one of our workshops.

I just finished a little morning run. Beautiful sunrise as you can tell.

In this video I want to talk about doubt versus expectation in the sense of helping you get what you want.

Setting Your Goals and Intentions

If you’re watching this you’re somebody who’s probably a business owner. You’re a health coach, or a health expert. You run your own business, you have your own coaching business. You’re doing stuff online to get your word out. One of the challenges is setting goals, setting intentions, but also detaching from the outcome.

I want to talk a little spiritually here for a second, because I think we’re all on this planet as spiritual beings in kind of a human experience.

Signs of Doubt

Regardless of what your faith is or whatever, one of the things that I’ve recognized is how do we piece together the hardcore strategies of running a business while also understanding the spiritual laws that help us succeed. One of the things I’ve had a tough time personally in my life is being so committed to a goal; being so action oriented in doing whatever it takes to hit that outcome; being so fixated on the outcome that it was tough for me to relinquish control of it.

One of the things that I’ve recognized over the years is that what that actually signifies in some way, shape or form is some kind of doubt that what we want is not coming to us.

So, what I want to encourage you to think about with this message is whenever you set a goal, whenever you set an intention in your life whether it’s personal, business or anything else is you want to have that feeling of knowing. Knowing not gnawing. If you set an intention and you’re stomach starts to churn that is an indication that there’s some type of resistance that’s going to stop you from having that come into your life.

Expect and Receive

I want to bring to your awareness that your emotions, how you feel are important indicators to whether or not you are allowing things to come into your life. Whether that’s to make $1 million, bring on new clients, whatever it is.

Here’s the thing; if you can set an intention the goal is to set a desire with little to no doubts. When you have that, when you have that knowing, when you have that expectation that, hey, listen, like the waves just coming it that it’s coming, right. It’s coming, those clients are coming in. That revenue’s coming in. That abundance is coming in. Whatever it is that you want it’s coming. If you can get your mind on a daily basis to get into that zone where you do things every single morning that are going to get you primed for the day to get your mind right, to set that morning routine to allow things to come into your life. You will be amazed at what happens.

I just wanted to shoot this little message for you. Hope it finds you well.

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