How do you go from working 16-hour days to working 16-hour WEEKS?

As health practitioners and health entrepreneurs, one of the most important things to keep you on track to reaching your goals is to properly weigh your sunk cost vs opportunity cost. In this video, I talk about my personal experience when I pursued my health coaching dream, and the best business advice for entrepreneurs that I can give.

I started out as a trainer and nutritionist working one-on-one with clients. That meant long days for me that lasted up to 16 hours. I did that and got to a point where I knew I couldn’t anymore. It was ridiculous!

My challenge at the time was weighing the sunk costs involved in building my career up for a lot of years, vs the opportunity cost of not building my dream. In the end, I decided to build my dream instead, which was to have my own online health coaching business.

When faced with the decision to stay in your currently stable career vs to leave it for your dream, it’s not easy to move forward. However, if you really think about all the sunk cost vs opportunity cost, you’ll find that going for the opportunities that await you can be completely worth it!

Wherever you are in the journey, keep thinking about your WHY as health practitioners and health entrepreneurs. I’m not telling you it’s easy to pursue your dreams. I had to face a lot of challenges, myself, when I pursued health coaching. But is it worth it? YES, definitely.

My business advice for entrepreneurs like you is to continue committing to the process, and you surely won’t regret it!

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Effective leadership can transform your business and life. Being a highly effective leader will allow you to spend more time on the things that matter, and live life the way you want. But the truth is, most business and practice owners don’t understand what it means to be in a leadership role.

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As a business owner, you probably started off by doing everything in your business. This is the first step, and it’s really necessary in the beginning – not only for a couple of months but often even for a couple of years. The question to ask at this point before moving on to the next step is: Can I do this at a world-class level and consistently produce results?

What this means is you have to get to a point in the “doing” of your business where you’re really able to master it. A lot of health professionals make the mistake of skipping this when it comes to their business acumen and go right ahead to leave the business part to someone else. But you can’t really oversee and know if someone else is doing a great job if you don’t know how to do it yourself in the first place.

Once you’re able to master the first part, you can move on to the next stage in your road to effective leadership. Being a highly effective leader means teaching others to reproduce your success. As your business grows, your leadership role will change. In order to be successful, you need to teach others to do what you used to do on your own. Bring in a new person or new people, and develop them to be leaders as well through coaching and teaching.

The final level is to systemize. If you step away from the business, will it continue to grow and improve? One tip here is to build your business with the intention of selling it, even if you have zero desire to do so. That way, you’ll have the mindset of building a business that’s not totally dependent on you, and is rather self-sustaining or even self-multiplying.

Effective leadership doesn’t mean shouldering every responsibility. By learning to adapt to a leadership role that involves working smarter rather than harder, you can accomplish more while creating an amazing team. A highly effective leader is able to accomplish HUGE things through the work of others.

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