Thou Shalt Master Marketing And Sales

This is the EIGHTH in our series on The 10 Commandments Of A HealthpreneurⓇ Coach

There are many amazing health and fitness coaches out there, and we never really get to hear from all of them. That’s probably because they don’t pay enough attention to marketing health services or fitness coaching to generate sales. The importance of mastering sales and marketing in business is often overlooked because of certain stigma in our industry, which I also discuss in this video.

Marketing is the process of getting your message out there. And the way I see it, it’s actually about building a relationship with your audience, to the point where you have so much trust between you that selling almost becomes unnecessary. That’s the importance of marketing in business.

When marketing health services or fitness coaching, you have to be able to build a bond with your audience. Remember, you’re not only sharing your content, but you’re sharing your beliefs. By sharing your opinions and thoughts, you share who you are, and your message becomes more compelling.

A lot of sales has to do with great marketing. All those processes that come before that conversation on working together – that’s all marketing. Always remember that realizing the importance of marketing in business is crucial to closing those deals.

Now, selling is serving if done right. If you’ve managed to generate leads and potential clients through marketing but don’t know how to have that selling conversation, you’re going to watch those prospects walk away.

Sales and marketing health services or fitness coaching is necessary so you can keep doing what you do. They are the lifeblood your business. Because most of the time, it’s not the best coach who wins – it’s the one who’s known best.

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