Are you looking to grow your health coaching business and want to know EXACTLY how you can market it?

Marketing for health coaches can be an intimidating feat. If you’re worried that you don’t have enough time or resources to do it, I’m here to tell you that you can actually start with 3 SIMPLE yet powerful steps that I share in this video.

Whether you’re just starting out on your health coaching business, have it as a side hustle, or doing it full-time, you can use these tips to scale in no time.

You see, marketing is the lifeblood of your business. It’s how you reach people and turn them into clients. Unfortunately, many health practitioners or coaches stumble when it comes to this crucial area. So, let me make it simple.

There are essentially 3 steps to successful marketing for health coaches. The first is identifying the single target market that you serve. Who would be your best client?

Next, create a message that speaks to those people who you most want to serve. Don’t try to reach everyone, keep your communications focused.

The third and final aspect of online marketing for coaches is what I call “magic.” What is it exactly that you do for your clients and how does it differentiate your health coaching business from all of the others?

Marketing for health coaches is key to ensuring the healthy growth of your business.

Follow these 3 steps to get yourself started on the right track.

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I started out as a trainer and nutritionist working one-on-one with clients. That meant long days for me that lasted up to 16 hours. I did that and got to a point where I knew I couldn’t anymore. It was ridiculous!

My challenge at the time was weighing the sunk costs involved in building my career up for a lot of years, vs the opportunity cost of not building my dream. In the end, I decided to build my dream instead, which was to have my own online health coaching business.

When faced with the decision to stay in your currently stable career vs to leave it for your dream, it’s not easy to move forward. However, if you really think about all the sunk cost vs opportunity cost, you’ll find that going for the opportunities that await you can be completely worth it!

Wherever you are in the journey, keep thinking about your WHY as health practitioners and health entrepreneurs. I’m not telling you it’s easy to pursue your dreams. I had to face a lot of challenges, myself, when I pursued health coaching. But is it worth it? YES, definitely.

My business advice for entrepreneurs like you is to continue committing to the process, and you surely won’t regret it!

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