Wouldn’t it be great if you had an easier time enrolling clients  and it didn’t feel like you were twisting people’s arms to have them work with you?

Selling Process vs. Selling Outcome

I want to share an important distinction with you. Are you selling your process or are you selling the outcome? I ask because the two are very different. Here’s what I mean. Anyone who’s working with you, as an entrepreneur, our goal is to solve problems. That’s it, right? So if someone’s coming to work with you it’s because they have a problem that they want solved, so they’re not starting at a happy place.  They have a problem, and they want to end up in a happier place with the resolution of that problem.

The  journey from where they are to where they’re going to be is your process. It’s going to be how you help them, but what I find a lot of health experts fall into in terms of a mistake that they make is they focus on their thing, they focus on their process, and I’m guilty of this.

I’ve been online since 2006 and I’ve launched a lot of things that were big failures because I didn’t understand sell people what they want, give them what they need. Sell the outcome, don’t sell your process.

For example; I have a really great way of helping people decrease their stress and reduce burnout or feel better in their bodies or whatever the outcome is that they want, but number one, that outcome has to be something they really want. It can’t just be something like get fit, right? It needs to be something that is attached to a major pain or problem that they want solved now.

Selling The Outcome

I remember one of the worst experiences that I had was about four or five years ago. I was at a public swimming pool and I got an ear infection. It was the worst pain I’ve ever experienced in my life.  I remember sitting in the emergency room at the hospital, a grown man sitting in the emergency room crying because my ear was in so much pain. I was about to do anything to solve that, including like whatever drugs I had to take. You see, that’s the level of pain we need to solve. If you’re having a tough time enrolling clients, number one, it could be that you’re not solving a big enough problem for people or number two, it’s that you’re selling the process and not the outcome, right?

With my ear infection I didn’t care about the process that the doctor was going to go through. I just wanted the ear infection gone, no more crazy pain. So I want you to think about that with your offers.

If you need help with this, this is one of the biggest problems in business, not just in the health space but in general, is putting offers into the world that no one cares about.   If you’re having a tough time converting people who don’t know you into paying clients then this is at the foundation of all of that.

If you’d like help with this, here’s what I’d love for you to do. Go to workwithyuri.com and book a call with us. Book a call with our coaches. We can get on the phone with you and we can really figure out what’s not working with your offer and how you can make it better.

Now obviously this is a call to figure out if or not we might be able to help you as well in terms of a coaching relationship, so it’s not a kind of a pick our brain for free type of call but if you’re seriously considering if you need help, if you need accountability, if you need the right system to be able to make offers that are going to attract more clients in a much more predictable fashion then go to workwithyuri.com right now, book a call.

Once you’ve done so, I’m going to show you a bunch of case studies of other health experts just like you who are crushing it in terms of getting more clients and growing high six figure businesses working with our process and with our help. I think it’ll be really inspiring for you to check that out and then on that same page I’ll actually show you the very system we’re using that our clients are using to get such great results.

Go to workwithyuri.com, book your call today. Again, this is only for people who are health experts, who are sick and tired of their current situation, who want to move forward now, not in six months from now, but really want to make a difference now in their business and would like our help to do so.


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