Yuri here. I’m just enjoying some homemade quinoa pasta. My son, Oscar came home today with the Canada food guide.  The good news is that he’s seven and he’s learning about the Canada food guide in grade two which is a lot better than I think when I was young. I don’t even think we learned about the Canada food guide until I was in high school.

Knowledge Is Power

Anyway, the Canada food guide, US food pyramid, it’s better than it was. They’ve made some improvements but we all know it’s still not the ideal.  The thing  I think is important, this is one thing I really believe when it comes to health is being empowered, right? Having the knowledge to know what different foods are doing to your body. So knowledge is power because it really empowers us to make better decisions.

This is really important when it comes to business as well because you need to know what the options are with respect to getting more clients, and growing your business. Because if you only know one thing or if you only know what you know, there’s a lot of things you don’t know. For instance, we speak to a lot of people every single day in the health and fitness space where coaches, experts, trainers, practitioners set goals for themselves and we’ll ask, “What’s the game plan? How are you going to go about getting this program into more people’s hands or getting those clients coming into work with you?” A lot of times the answers are really not that exciting. It’s, “I’m going to post some more on social media,  put out a couple emails, put out a few blog posts.”

The sad part about that is that there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s all you know. But you know that that’s not predictable, it’s not a predictable way of generating more business for your business because if you were to step away from that and not do that, then you don’t have a predictable way of generating new leads and clients into your business.

Building The Foundation

So the number one thing you have to remember, and you have to get this dialed in from day one, is you have to build the foundation. You have to build the foundation of your business which means you have to have a predictable way of generating new leads and clients into your business, that is 90 percent pretty much void of your interaction with it.

If you are involved in the process, something is going to break. Either you don’t feel like doing something or it requires you to be present.  You want to have a system and a machine in your business that works automatically on your behalf. That’s what we help our clients do every single day in our health and business accelerator program because it’s the most important thing you can do.

The social media, the blogging, content marketing, all that stuff is fine but that’s an afterthought, because if you’re doing that to generate business it’s going to be very tough. It’s going to be very frustrating to rely on your efforts to generate new clients and business. It’s not a good feeling to think that you have to hustle for what it is you want to create. If you want to make more money, scale your business, and it’s depended upon your hustle, it’s going to be very daunting.

So like with the Canada food guide, this I think it’s a good base, it’s a good foundation. Minus a lot of the grains that they recommend and apparently fortified canned milk or sorry, condensed milk is actually on the list of recommended dairy products. Minus the dairy and the grains which is actually half the Canada food guide, it’s a good foundation.

Attracting And Converting

I was just sitting here with my son Oscar and we’re going through the Canada food guide and I’m talking to him like, “Okay let’s look at this peanut butter.

Let’s look at the peanut butter, let’s look at the nutrition facts.” But most people focus on the nutrition facts, I said, “Hey buddy. What’s most important is the quality of the ingredients, it’s not even the nutrition facts. We’ll talk about that in a second, but what are the ingredients in the peanut butter? Organic peanuts and sea salt. Now that’s the foundation, that’s the fundamental understanding that we all have to have when it comes to food and very much like that in your business you have to have a fundamental understanding of how to attract and convert clients and deliver an amazing result for them.

If you don’t have that then I invite you to get our help. We’ve got a great training called the 7-Figure Health Business Blueprint.

Watch it today, it’ll walk you through our four step perfect client pipeline to show you how you how we help our clients do exactly that. How we help them put a message out in front of their perfect clients, their perfect audience, and have those people knock on their door to want to work with them instead of the other way around.

So if you’re struggling to get clients into your business, if you don’t have a predictable system for doing so, if you’re trying to set goals and not really sure how to achieve them then I invite you to watch the training. It will give you some really great insights and some very simple strategies, actually, well not a lot, I mean one strategy that’s all you need to really make a difference in your business. This is the strategy that we’ve used to generate multiple millions of dollars in our business, it’s what we help our clients deploying their businesses and it’s what you can deploy in your business too with great results.

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