Let’s talk about why people don’t want what you’re selling. I know that’s a little bit of a tough pill to swallow, but you’re hearing it from the master himself, the man who’s put out more products that have tanked and failed than perhaps anyone else.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but listen, I’ve been around for a long time online in the health and fitness space since 2006, and I need to be honest.  I’ve had two major wins, two big wins in that time, but everything else has been mediocre at best, and a lot of failed offers.

How To Stand Out  In The Crowd

When I say offer, I mean you put a product, or an offer, or a program out and it’s like no one cares. No one buys. It’s frustrating isn’t it? Because you put your heart and soul into developing something you hope people are going to want and then they don’t.

Yeah, so it sucks. I want to talk about why this happens. There’s a couple of different factors, but I want to share one thing that not a lot of people, at least who don’t work with us, think about, and it’s this idea of ideas. Big ideas, specifically.

You see every successful campaign offer, thing that comes to market, usually has a big idea. Think of Sham Wow, the rag that soaks up a pool worth of water. That’s a big idea. You see, the stronger your big idea, the less dramatic your marketing has to be, because people just get it and they want it.

Another big idea is obviously something about maybe a lot more common, P90X. They’re big idea is muscle confusion, which is a name they gave to the fact that if you train your muscles in different ways and use periodization, your body’s not going to hit a plateau.

With what it is you’re offering, you’re probably offering something that is not extremely unique. Most people have seen it. Less brain fog, less anxiety, is your weight loss, put on muscle, overcome IBS. They’ve seen a lot of these types of promises. So the only thing that you can do to make you and your offer standouts, our one of the only things, is by introducing what we call a proprietary process.

Your proprietary process is the bridge that helps people go from where they are to where they want to go. If you just tell them, “Hey, yeah, we’re going to work together and I’m going to help you go from bloated and constipated to normal again.” Cool. So will Metamucil.

Nowadays more than ever, your prospects or potential clients are very interested in how you’re going to go about doing that because they’ve seen so many other products and offers on the market, the level of skepticism is at an all-time high.

For instance, you might be thinking, “Hey Yuri, cool, you’re just another business coach pitching, I’m going to help you get more clients to make more money.” Which is true. If we were to boil it down it’s the promise. But the way we do it is very, very different than a lot of people.

This Is What Makes Us Different From Everyone Else

See, we help you build what we call a perfect client pipeline, which is a four step process that allows you to predictably, consistently, and mostly automatically bring in new leads and clients on autopilot. It helps you enroll those clients while adding tremendous value to them in the process and without feeling salesy or pushy. And we do so without doing any of the nonsense like blogging, YouTube, posting on social, none of that stuff.

Because the most important thing you need to do, whether you’re starting or scaling, especially if you’re scaling, you don’t have this yet, is you need to have one really well dialed in funnel or pipeline to acquire clients and make money. And most people don’t have that. What do they do instead? They worry about their logo, they worry about their branding, they worry about how many followers they have on Instagram. None of that stuff matters if you’re not making money.

That’s an example of our big idea. Anyways, if you would like help with your big idea and how to really make your magic stand out so you can go from mundane to magical, then what I would love for you to do right now is go to WorkWithYuri.com, book in a time to talk with us.

We’ll figure out where you are now. Where you want to go. What are some of the challenges standing in your way. And we’ll have a look at what is your offering. We’ll look at hey let’s look at restructuring this in a way that’s going to be a lot more compelling for people because I promise you you’re one tweak away from a major breakthrough and we can probably help with that.

So go to WorkWithYuri.com, book in your time to chat with us, but only if you’re a health entrepreneur who is coaching clients and you are sick and tired of your current situation, understanding that what you’re doing right now is simply not working and you are ready for a better, smarter way to get clients, help them, and grow your business. Do that now. I’ll see you there.


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