Selling Information Is DEAD! Here's What To Do Instead

Did you know that information selling is dead?

In today’s video, I show you how selling an eBook or course for $50 or even $100 won’t cut it anymore if you want to achieve any form of financial freedom in your health business. I share why that is, do the math for you, and show you what to do instead.

A lot of health experts and health business owners still think that information sells easily. They write or compile eBooks and courses to sell to customers online, and think that information selling is enough to earn them financial freedom and bring their health business the success they need.

The truth? It definitely WILL NOT!

When it comes to working smarter not harder, simply selling an eBook or course isn’t the winning formula. Think of it this way, when you put your heart and soul into creating an information product like an eBook or a course, you need to know that you have a massive guaranteed market ready to buy it. If that’s not the case, then it’s probably a waste of time.

To earn your desired revenue, you need to assess whether the course or the book you’re selling will be able to sell enough units to reach your goal revenue. Another thing to consider is how much you’ll need to spend on ads to drive that traffic that’ll get you that much number of sales. And if it doesn’t look right, then you might want to rethink if selling an eBook or course is as good an idea as you initially thought it was.

There’s a much better way to achieve financial freedom in your health business apart from information selling. Stick around to see what it is.

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