What up! Today’s discussion is going to revolve around the second activator in the magic pillar. This is our eighth of the nine client activators, and it’s a tangible result.

People are interested in the outcome.  They could care less about the means to getting there.

And that’s the magic of selling tangible results.

Tune in to find out how to use this magic pillar to make your offer more compelling and improve your conversions.


In This Episode I discuss:

01:56 – 08:50 – Selling Quantifiable Results

08:50 – 10:25 – Make A Promise They Want

10:25 – 14:54 – Its’ All About The Outcome

14:54– 16:42 – Wrap Up With Yuri

What’s up, guys? Hope you’re doing great. Welcome back to the podcast. We’re going to follow suit from what we talked about in the last episode, which was about how to get prospects begging to work with you. We talked about the first client activator within the magic pillar, which was having something that is highly desirable, whether it’s a paid program or free or anything, what you’re asking people to venture into needs to be highly desirable for something that they want, okay.

Today, we’re going to follow very closely to that conversation, so there might be some overlap. Today’s discussion is going to revolve around the second activator in the magic pillar. This is our eighth of the nine client activators, and it’s a tangible result.

Again, first and foremost, if you need the scorecard, go to healthprenurgroup.com/scorecard. And let’s look at what this looks like.

Selling Quantifiable Results

So, on the least ideal side of the spectrum, the statement says, “You’re offering or selling soft, unquantifiable outcomes, like feeling better, more confidence, feeling aligned, more motivation, et cetera.” We talked a little about this in the last episode. Let’s break this down. The activator is tangible results. Okay. Actually, I’ll come back to this in a second, let’s go to the other side of the spectrum, which is the ideal.

The statements, “You can clearly articulate the measurable, quantifiable outcome your clients will get.” Now, with that said, let’s go back to looking at things like feeling better. If you were to put a number, that means quantifiable or measurable, how do you quantify feeling better? How does the person in their mind, how can they visualize that? Remember we talked about vividness of message and clarity of message? They have to be able to see it in their mind. I can’t see what feeling better looks like because it’s just so, it’s such a big possibility. But if I say something like, “Jump out of bed before your alarm clock,” that is more tangible because it either happens or it doesn’t, and I can clearly see it in my mind.

I’ll give you an example of this. We’ve got a great greens powder in my health business called Energy Greens. And one of the challenges that we wanted to overcome was, I mean, how do you quantify energy? How do you show people that your greens powder is helping them? With a workout or a weight loss system, you step on the scale, you look at the number. With energy, it’s different. Now listen, I wrote the number to New York Times bestselling book on the topic called The All-Day Energy Diet, so I’ve kind of figured out how to sell energy and unquantifiable things.

What we did is we said, “We need a way for people to be able to measure the effectiveness of this greens powder,” because some people might experience more energy, others might experience better looking skin, which is really cool. Others experience weight loss. We had several older women, their hair became brown again instead of gray, it was pretty freaky, awesome. So, what we decided to do, and to be honest, I don’t even know if we still do this because I’m not involved in the business at all anymore.

So, what we did at the time was we included, because we knew that greens and part of our positioning are necessary to alkalize our body, and alkalinity leads to better health and energy, and all that stuff. So, we said, “How do we quantify this?” So, what we did was we included a pH testing kit in their order, and we showed them how to measure their own pH just using their saliva. What we decided to do is we said, “Listen, here’s a little chart, and we want you to track your pH.” I think it was like every three days or even daily for seven days. And all we wanted to do was show them that by taking the greens, it was improving their pH balance and basically showing them that by doing this, getting more greens in, they were improving their alkalinity, and that now becomes a visual, quantifiable measure of progress.

Now, listen. If I may say so myself, I think that’s a pretty brilliant idea. And it becomes really interesting when you can take something that’s unquantifiable, like energy, and make it visual and measurable. That’s what we did with the pH testing strip with the testing kit. And what that does is it encourages consumption. It shows people that what you’re doing is working, do more of it. That’s the biggest challenge with supplements is a lot of times, we’re taking them on blind faith. I take a multivitamin, or I … Sorry, I should say I tested a multivitamin from Onnit for a month. The only reason I’m testing it is because it was ridiculous, like $100 in shipping and customs. I’m like, “I’m not paying that every month. That’s crazy.”

But here’s the thing. Every single time I’ve taken a multivitamin, I’ve never ever, ever noticed a single difference. Never ever. When I’ve used fish oil, when I’ve used probiotics, I’ve never once ever noticed a physical difference in how I felt or looked. Now, here is the opportunity for these types of companies is you need to be able to offer something to your clients, or customers if it’s a product, where they can quantify and make, they can reason logically why they’re going to continue to take this. And honestly, if I’m going to do, for instance, probiotics, maybe having a stool sample before and after to show the improvements, that’s interesting. Now, I could go out and do that on my own, but if the company were to provide that or have a referral code to some other provider they recommend, that becomes very interesting because now in my mind, logically I can say it actually makes sense for me to take these probiotics every single day because here’s where I was, here’s where I am now based on the tests and here’s what that means to my health. That becomes very exciting.

So, part of your job, again, we’re not talking about selling supplements, but I just wanted to give you an example. Part of our job as coaches is to take mindset, is to take confidence, is to take motivation and you need to figure out a way to make that measurable. And that’s why it has to go back into the outcome because motivation in of itself, how do you measure that, your ability to get out of bed in the morning? I don’t know. But I’ll tell you if you tie this into an outcome, if you say, “Listen, I understand you want to be more motivated, but you want to be more motivated so that, what?” It’s a means to an end.

You want to be motivated so you can work out more often so you can get a better body. Cool. So, my program helps you get a better body, and part of how I do that is I give you accountability coaching et cetera to keep you more motivated to keep you on track, da, da, da, da. But the outcome is a tangible result. I’m going to help you burn 10 pounds of fat in the next 10 weeks. We’ll talk about motivation in a process, but I’m selling a tangible result that can be measured, it can be quantified, and we know if it was hit or not. I mean, this goes back to even setting goals for your business. We have very specific goals in our company.

Make A Promise They Want

This quarter, one of our goals is to help 100 new clients get their first client, and 25 new clients hit their first 10k month. Those are very black and white. They either happen or they don’t. That’s a tangible result and it allows us, as a company, to know when we’ve hit that or not instead of saying, “We help clients improve their marketing.” What the hell does that mean? What does that mean? It can mean so many different things. So, you have to spend the time thinking about what is the tangible result I am providing for my clients? And I promise you, if you can make it tangible and it’s tied into something they highly desire, which was the previous activator we talked about, now you’re on the path to crafting an offer that is very compelling.

So, when I say your magic, I’m talking about the thing you’re offering. You send out an email and you say, “Listen, on this blog post, I’m going to show you this thing. Click here and read the post.” You’re asking people to click. And every single time you ask someone to do something, inherently on the backend of that or included with that is an offer, is a promise. When you click on this link, I promise to show you this thing. So, how do you improve click through rates? You make them a promise they actually want. But it’s like, “Hey, new blog post. Click it, check it out.” I don’t care. I don’t care about a new blog post. But if that blog post shows me how to make a million dollars by looking for stuff under my carpet, okay, I’m more intrigued.

It’s All About The Outcome

Every single time you ask someone to do something, inherently, there’s an offer. There’s a promise. And that promise needs to be highly desirable and it needs to be tied into a tangible result if possible. If you’re offering a free consult, like a free strategy call, you have to sell that call as something very vivid and tangible and desirable. It can’t just be like, “Yeah, book a call and let’s chat,” because book a call and let’s chat could mean I’m going to be bombarded with a sales pitch for the next 30 minutes. But if you break it down and really, really walk them through what they’re getting, the tangible result they’re going to leave with, make it highly desirable, now people are going to be booking calls with you more often.

And obviously, if you’re working with a good pipeline, it’s going to qualify and exclude the wrong people. With your coaching program, please this will save you years of frustration. It could actually save you from going out of business because what happens is you get on the phone with people, you’re all pumped, you feel good about your program, you offer to them, once again, you’ve kind of gotten to that point to understand you can help them make them whatever they wanted. And you say, “Here’s my program.” They’re like, “You know what? Eh, I’m going to think about it.” And I’m going to think about it is a bullshit answer. It’s a bullshit answer that’s just basically being polite saying, “I’m not interested.” Okay. So, how do we take somebody from being not interested to like, “Oh, my god. I have to have this?” Well, part of that’s what we’re talking about is it needs to be highly desirable and it needs to be tied into a tangible result.

So, helping people get healthy, that’s a terrible, a terrible offer because who cares? We all want to eat healthy, but for what? So, this goes back through single target market. You help a single target market seeking a solution now to a major pain or problem, and you plan to dominate that niche. So, when we tie that into the offer, what’s the problem that they’re dealing with, and what is the thing that we’re offering them that’s going to solve that? Eating healthy is not the outcome. Eating healthy is a means to the outcome. I’m going to help you eat healthy so that you can lose the 10 pounds.

And I think the challenging thing for a lot of people is that they have to come to grips with that ultimately, it’s going to come mostly down to physical or performance transformation. Like, “Oh, I don’t just want to do all the weight loss. I don’t want to just be the weight loss person.” Well, guess what? You can choose to be the weight loss person and actually have people enroll with you or you can choose to be the person who helps with mindset and eating better and better habits, and no one cares. Okay. So, all of that stuff that you want to do, include it in your program, but don’t wrap your program with the wrapping paper that says, “Motivation, mindset, confidence, eating better.” It’s like no one cares about that stuff. You need to wrap it with the wrapping paper that says, “You’re going to look like this.” And people are like, “Shit. I’m in. Tell me what’s inside. All right, sounds good. Let’s do this.”

I hope you get this because this is a really, really big area of challenge for a lot of people in the health and fitness space. And I think it stems from the fact that we want to do the right thing, which is we know that it’s not just about weight loss. I’m not saying everyone has to become a weight loss coach. That’s not what this is about. It’s about understanding what drives human behavior. And what drives human behavior is how we look and how we perform. Okay. And when we understand that and we’re able to articulate what you do and the outcome you provide for your clients in a way where they can measure it, see their progress and know yes or no if they got there, that becomes a lot more compelling. So, I don’t sell confidence, I sell help you having more sex with your wife, as an example. I don’t sell mindset, I help you get a promotion in your job, but mindset is a key component in getting a promotion. You see what I’m saying? That’s the magic. That’s part of the magic here.

Wrap Up With Yuri

The final episode we’re going to have obviously coming up around this client activator scorecard topic is the final client activator. And maybe save the best for last. We’ve talked about the magic being the offer, the promise, whatever you want to call it, being quantifiable, measurable, tangible, they can clearly, vividly see it. Like, I don’t just help you lose weight, I help you fit into your skinny jeans. I don’t just help you put on muscle, I help you look better in a tank top. That level of vividness.

But the next and final activator could arguably be the most important. You’ve got to be the Chris Harrison from The Bachelor. This is the most dramatic season of The Bachelor ever. That’s what you said last year, but it was true because it was the most dramatic until the new one came out. This is going to be the most important activator, I think because, well, you’ll find out. It’s coming up in the next episode. I won’t ruin the surprise.

For now, once again … got to love the scorecard. Get your scoring on, nine activators. If you don’t want to wait until the next episode, you just want to go through the deep dive training with me, that’s about 60 minutes, about 60, six zero. I’m going to walk you through the whole scorecard in depth, deep dive training on what it means, where the leaks are, how to fix them. Watch it, attend it. It’s all free goodies for you.

As a result of all this, you’re going to have better conversions, more clients coming in, more money, more goodness. Okay. So, that’s the deal in the meantime. You can do that at Healthpreneur Group, healthpreneurgroup.com/scorecard. Do that now if you haven’t already. And I’ll see you in the final episode, not of the podcast obviously, but of this series on the client activator scorecard that’s coming up next. I hope you have an awesome day, and I’ll see you then.


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What You Missed

In our last episode we dove into the seventh activator which is the first activator in the magic pillar.

The activator we’re talking about today relates to the magic.  The magic is what it is you are introducing to the marketplace.

We’re going to talk about how to make your magic highly desirable.

Tune in to find out how to get prospects begging to work with you using this magic pillar.