Today we’re taking a deep dive with Amelia Case who has owned a multi-disciplinary alternative medicine clinic for the past 30 years.

Most of the income from her practice has been coming primarily in the form of insurance claims, and has been experiencing a decline in revenue through insurance companies as the industry has changed and evolved which, needless to say, has become concerning.

She is looking to take her expertise in working with people who suffer from anxiety and turn that into an online coaching business.

Like many health practitioners, going about finding clients in the “ethers” is not just a scary proposition, but is an enigma.

Like most people, Amelia had been sharing and posting content organically hoping to get found.

We had an in-depth conversation about how to use Facebook Ads to send to your Perfect Client Pipeline and using this method to share your content in a way that motivates people to buy using “empathy”.

At the end of the call, Amelia identified that she wanted to focus on helping high performers who suffer from anxiety and is looking to move her practice online to serve people virtually.  We spoke about how to use the internet and Facebook ads on how to attract her perfect client using the perfect client pipeline.

If posting blog content and posting organically on Facebook is not getting you where you want to be and you want to know how to go about attracting your ideal client in the simplest way possible, this episode is for you.

In This Episode Amelia and I discuss:

01:11 – 05:26 – Introducing Amelia Case and how Healthpreneur can help take her business to the next level.

05:26 – 10:00 – Identifying and Pinpointing Amelia’s Perfect Client

10:00 – 22:14 – How To Attract Amelia’s Perfect Client Online

22:14 –  28:00 – The Only Piece of Content You Need To Attract Your Perfect Client

28:00 – 33:11 – How to Share Content That Motivates People to Buy Without Giving Away The Farm

33:11 – 38:40 – Why Experience Always Trumps Certifications

38:40 – 42:41 – Wrap Up, Take Aways and Action Items


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