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In this video I want to share 3 big reasons why group coaching is way more effective and better for you and your clients, than a one on one.

I’m down here in beautiful Ixtapa, Mexico. Not too shabby at all, I love this place. It’s absolutely gorgeous, and the reason I’m down here is because we booked a trip last minute to come down here, because the weather back home was freezing. So, we’re like, “You know what? Let’s just jump on a plane and take the kids, and spend a week in a nicer climate.”


Sylvie’s Story: Finding Inspiration From A Group of Your Peers

And the realization there, is that is not something I would have been able to do if I were doing a lot of one on one coaching, and I’ll get back to that in a second.

But I wanna share a little story with you about one of our clients. Her name is Sylvie, and a little while ago, she had a little bit of a breakdown in terms of self doubt, and wondering if she could really do this thing, and building her business successfully.

She posted inside of our Facebook group, and immediately there was a ton of support that came her way from fellow members and clients, that were there to lift her up, pick her up, and bring her back to life.

That was like the needle, or the straw that broke the camel’s back.  That served as a reminder for me that group coaching is so powerful, and that’s something you can never get in a one on one scenario.

You see, had Sylvie been working with me one on one, yes I could have been giving her rah-rah inspiration, motivation, a little bit of kick in the butt to get her back on track, and that could help, but to get that inspiration and uplifting from dozens of other people, her peers, it takes things to a whole new level.

So guys, if you’re a health coach, if you’re a practitioner, if you’re a nutritionist, whatever, it doesn’t matter.  You have protocols that you’ve been taught that can save people’s lives, that can transform their health. And that’s why we’re doing this, that’s what’s amazing about what we do.

The challenge is that a lot of people believe that, personalization, having a unique protocol for every single person, is the best way to go when it comes to helping them with their specific goals. And yes, that is true, there are cases where more personalization and customization are important, but remember, the vast majority of times, if you’re speaking with clients, you’re probably telling them the same things.

If people are coming to you to lose weight, I guarantee that 80% or more of what you’re telling them is usually the same. And if that’s the case, then you are ripe for a group coaching program.


What a group coaching program looks like

So what does a group coaching program look like? Well, we’re not going to get into that in this video, but essentially if you can get the same people, or all the people you wanna work with, whether that’s two people, five, twenty, fifty on the same train, on the same track, moving to the same destination, you can have a successful group coaching program.

Where a lot of people have a tough time wrapping their head around this is, “Okay, if I’ve got some people, I wanna help people lose weight, and I also wanna help people with heart disease, I wanna help people with dementia.” Now we’re talking about three different trains.

That would be like trying to find three separate boats, and going to three different destinations on the ocean. That’s not gonna happen, and then you’re going to get right back into one on one coaching.

So, the idea is that you need to focus on a single target market, with a single pain or problem, and help them get the results. And if you got 20 people that wanna lose weight, guess what, the protocol for the most part is going to be the same.

To think about it even more simply is, what is the protocol?  If you were going to write a book on this topic, what is the protocol you would prescribe for your readers?

Guess what, if you’re writing a book, you’re gonna have one, there’s one thing you’re gonna talk about in the book, or there’s one protocol. You’re not gonna have a thousand different protocols. That becomes the essence of what you would teach and walk people through in a group coaching program.


Three reasons why group coaching is more effective

Now with that said, let’s talk with three reasons why I believe group coaching is way more effective, and it’s the only reason we build all our stuff at Healthpreneur around group coaching. It’s what we teach our clients how to do, it’s what we do with our own workshops and our Masterminds, and it’s for these specific reasons.


Reason #1:  It leverages your time

Number one, is it leverages your time in a huge way.

I’m down here in Mexico, and while I’ve been down here, I’ve had two group calls, okay? Two group calls that took me a grand total of three hours over the space of one week.

I don’t mind doing that from a beautiful location like this. Now if I were working one on one with 40 clients, that would have been a very different story. Why would I come down to Mexico if I were stuck in my hotel room, 40 hours during the week to do those calls?  It just doesn’t make sense. So number one, it leverages your time in a huge way.


Reason #2: It helps you make more money

It helps you make a lot more money, because if you can help 40 people at the same time, or 10 people at the same time, it’s not that those people pay you less because it’s a group program, no, no, no. Your program is based around a specific outcome that they want.

It’s not about the fact that, “Well I’m getting less personal attention, therefore it should be less money,” no, no, no. It’s about a specific outcome. And when you focus on the results your clients are gonna get, you will do things that you never thought of, to make it almost impossible for them not to succeed.

So when you build your program around an outcome, and you do whatever you can to help your clients achieve that, you actually can charge more than $100 an hour for a one on one session.

So let’s just look at an example here. So let’s say you work with 40 clients, over the space of a week, and each one is paying you $100. Okay, that’s $4,000, not too bad, not too shabby at all.

But let’s just say that each is a one on one scenario.

Now let’s look at the group scenario, and let’s just remember that you’ve worked 40 hours during the week of phone calls, okay that’s not including everything else you have to do in your business.

Now let’s look at the flip side. Let’s say you have a group coaching program with 40 people, and your time spent coaching, delivering, supporting them is, let’s just call it, four hours per week, which is actually very realistic.

That’s pretty much what I spend on a weekly basis with my Mastermind, and our health business, accelerator clients, okay?

But let’s just say those 40 people are each giving you, and we’ll just keep the math extremely simple, ’cause my brain can’t think, $1,000 each for a four week program, to help them achieve that same result you would have given them in a one on one scenario.

So 40 people at a thousand dollars each, that’s $40,000 per month, versus $4,000 a week, which ends up being $16,000 a month.

So now, what we’ve done is we’ve two and a half times your income, and instead of working 40 hours a week, we’re working four hours per week, and the cool thing about this is, we’re charging more, we’re attracting better clients, they’re doing the work and showing up, they’re supporting each other, and you structured all of this in a way that supports them, and your lifestyle, in a much more impactful way.

So the second reason why group coaching is the best, is because you can make a lot more money. It leverages your time, that’s number one.


Reason #3: It’s BETTER for your clients

The third reason, which is the most important reason, is that it actually is better for your clients. I know it sounds counter intuitive, like why would one on one coaching not be more effective than group.

Well here’s the thing guys, I don’t know if you’ve ever recognized this, but one on one coaching ends up becoming psychotherapy sessions, right? You end up going into stories and nonsense with your clients about this stuff, about their problems, about their stories, and unless you have the ability to be firm and say, “No, stop, we’re done with this,” it can ramble on forever.

It drains your energy, it just sucks the life right out of you, and if you can relate to that just raise your hand, ’cause I’ve been there. I’ve gone through that for way too long, and you don’t get into that with group sessions, ’cause if you’ve got 10 people working together, no one wants to listen to everyone else’s story.

So you’re gonna be very cut and dry, cut to the chase and if you follow the right structure, obviously that we teach in our workshops, you can run calls with 10, 20, 40, 50 people at the same time and still have them feel very individualized.

And here’s the cool thing, when you’re on a call with 10 people and somebody asks a question, who benefits from the answer to that question? Just that one person? No, no, no. Everybody else.

And the thing is, a lot of times we don’t ask questions, ’cause we’re afraid to look stupid or, we just don’t wanna kind of put ourselves out there. But someone else might have asked the question we wanna ask, and as a result we get the answer.

So group coaching is so beneficial for everyone who’s taking part, and please, never forget that. The time and the money you get as a result of group coaching is only ever a byproduct of the results you help your clients get.

So, before you kind of jump off and say, “Okay, I’m gonna bring in 50 people, and just get them going, and let them do their thing,” no, no, no. I need you to really remember that it’s only ever based on producing a great outcome for your clients.

Do not cut corners, do not do stuff that’s gonna be chintzy and whatever. I don’t think that’s you, ’cause if you’re watching this, you’re probably a great Healthpreneur already and you’ve got a great heart. You wanna serve others.

And that’s what this is all about. The money you earn is only ever a byproduct of the value and transformation you create for other people. Okay, never, never forget that. And the greatest transformation is gonna come from a group dynamic.

There’s the synergy of the group, they will learn from each other, they’re supporting each other, and now you have a number of people working on the same goal to the same destination, and we know that when we’re in a group dynamic, everyone learns from each other and everyone supports each other, and moves the boat forward that much faster, right?

Like the saying goes, the rising tide floats all boats, right?

So those are three big reasons why group coaching is the way to go.

If you wanna have a life, if you wanna be able to pick up and travel, like this, take your kids and just hop away for a week or two, and still be able to run a very successful business, without compromising the quality of care you’re providing your clients, group coaching is the way to go.

If you want help doing this, I invite you to attend our free training, it’s called the 7 Figure Health Business Blueprint, where I’m gonna walk you through a bit more of this stuff.

I’m actually gonna show you our four step, perfect client pipeline, which will help you attract your best clients, and help you convert them in a more automated fashion, so you’re not having to do manual prospecting, and all sorts of crazy stuff.

But also more importantly, is how you build out this group coaching program to deliver an amazing result for them, and help you live an amazing quality of life in the process.

So if you’d like to join us for that, it’s completely free. Click on the link below to to join us:

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