One Dumb Advice You Must Ignore To Succeed In Business

If you’re a business coach or business owner who wants to achieve entrepreneurial success AND avoid going into debt, this video is something you definitely have to watch!

A lot of advice is out there about investing in your business and how we, as entrepreneurs, should go about it if we want to succeed in business. Well today, I share my take on this – should you fund your business out of pocket, or put it on credit?

Here’s the thing, when it comes to making big financial decisions, not everyone has access to cash that can be spent immediately for big-ticket purposes. For most people, financing purchases through credit is necessary. It’s not uncommon to put a deposit down and get a loan for the balance. This applies to buying a home, paying for school, and other big purchases.

So, why should it be any different when it comes to financing or investing in your business when you’re starting out? Entrepreneurial success doesn’t start with having instantly available cash so huge that you can afford to fund a whole business in one go.

To succeed in business you should be able to take calculated risks. This ability reflects your belief in your own self and your capabilities. Entrepreneurial success inevitably comes with a certain level of risk that you should be willing to take.

Keep watching to hear more about my take on investing in your business, and what mindset you should be building to grow and get to where you want to be!

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Thoughts become things, so how should we better frame our minds as healthcare workers and entrepreneurs?

So many things happen in the world daily, and it’s so easy to develop a negative bias towards the bad instead of seeing the good. That’s how our minds are just hard-wired, but as healthcare workers, we need to look after ourselves. In today’s video, I discuss why it’s of utmost importance that we tend to our minds, and make mental health for healthcare workers a priority.

For a while, I and my family used to live outside the city, which meant we had access to a lot more space than usual. When you have more space, you’re able to use it for recreation, so I decided to start a garden. While I knew it would be a difficult task, I took it head-on. The payoff was amazing, with a beautiful and fruitful garden of fresh produce.

However, as time went on, I realized that maintaining a garden takes a lot more effort than I thought because I was spending a bulk of my time pulling out weeds every so often. I had to deal with things that I didn’t want to see in my garden. Just 2 years after that, I decided to stop gardening and to buy fresh produce instead.

At the time I didn’t know what I was doing, but given the chance I would want a second garden. And the main point of this whole story? If left unattended, most gardens would be overgrown with weeds. Our minds work the same.

We’re hard-wired to have a negative bias, and seek out the pains we have to avoid instead of looking at the brighter side. But we have to remember that thoughts become things.

Our job as healthcare workers is to tend to the garden of our minds to make sure that we pull out the weeds that will keep on distressing us.

Keep watching to catch more inspiration to help with mental health for healthcare workers like you!

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