The BEST Way To Deal With Haters & Online Negativity

How should you deal with haters? What should you do when you come across online negativity and online bullies who just like to leave negative comments and criticism on your work?

As health entrepreneurs, part of our journey will always involve dealing with people. Some will be great and supportive, while others just might not approve of your work, methods or philosophies. Other times, you’ll just encounter people who can be critical and malicious for seemingly no reason.

So, how do you deal with haters? Today’s video sheds some light about handling online bullies and online negativity.

I recently had an encounter while I was out to pick up my bubble tea downtown. I got approached by a guy who blew a minor issue out of proportion. When I usually do my bubble tea run, I park my car on the side street with my flashers on since there’s no parking spot in the area and I’d only be there for a few minutes to grab my order.

The guy calls me out and starts saying inappropriate criticisms and insults. The situation quickly escalated. And it made me realize that I’d be responsible for the outcome of that confrontation. I had a choice about how I’d react to this. And instead of fighting back, I made the mature decision to walk away.

This applies to life in general, and the online space is no different. I often come across online negativity directed at me on social media. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of engaging with online bullies. However, there’s a better way to deal with haters than to resort to their tactics.

Watch the whole video to know how best to react when faced with online negativity, and what to do when you encounter online bullies as a health entrepreneur.

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You have to take responsibility for your business, which means NOT delegating your messaging or your numbers to other people. These are the two non-negotiables as an entrepreneur.

Many people like to say, “I’m just not a numbers person.” Well, as a business owner, you really don’t have that option. You HAVE to know your numbers because they matter when you make key business decisions. For example, if you don’t know what the cost per acquisition is in your business, how are you going to know whether or not your marketing is efficient?

When you simply resign yourself to your aversion to business numbers, you can’t truly be in control of your business. It makes it difficult to course-correct because you have NO IDEA what’s really happening with your business finances.

Now, I’m not saying you need to create a complex spreadsheet with all of the different possible metrics for your business. You just need to track and know your numbers that matter.

As an entrepreneur, you not only have to master communication and messaging, you also have to know your numbers and master your business finances. When you choose to ignore your business numbers, it puts your whole business at risk.

Figure out what to track and how to track it, and you’ll be able to grow your business with confidence!

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