Today I’m excited to welcome Dani Banai to the show.  Dani is a certified Functional Health coach from Israel.

Dani helps people struggling with chronic diseases or addiction to build a healthy lifestyle in order to enjoy life full of satisfaction and energy.

Because Dani is from Isreal, his struggle is figuring out whether or not to start his online health coaching business on a local or global level.

Tune in as we help Dani determine how to best reach his audience and whether or not marketing locally or globally is the way to go to best build his business.

In This Episode Dani and I discuss:

03:14 – 05:16 – Two Most Important Pillars For Success

05:16 – 08:10 -Going Local vs. Going Global

08:10 – 11:12 – Social Engagement

11:12 – 12:34 – Two Ways To Grow Your Business

12:34 – 16:10 – Perfect Client Pipeline

16:10 – 26:40 – Narrowing Down Your Niche

26:40 -29:28 – Dani’s Biggest Takeaway and Action Item


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What You Missed

In our last episode, we did a deep dive with Patrick Willis. Like so many other people, Patrick knows who he wants to serve, but is struggling with how to get more of them into his world. So it really becomes an attraction problem or an attraction challenge.

Patrick is just starting out and he is supporting people who have a terminal diagnosis and helps them make the best of the rest of their life.

We took a look at Patrick’s funnel and worked with him to dial in his message to improve his conversions.

We identified where Patrick’s messaging needs improvement and how we identified the one area Patrick needed to focus on to attract his ideal client and convert to a customer.

Be sure to grab a pen and paper to take notes so you can use the same strategy in your messaging