Hey guys, Yuri here just down at the beach. So I like taking a walk in the morning because it really gives me a lot of perspective, it gives me great ideas looking at the ocean.

I’m looking at the waves coming in, it’s such a great example of abundance. Is the ocean ever going to run out of water? I don’t think so. It’s continually coming in. And this, I want to share a really interesting idea with you is that strugglers save and wealthy people invest.

Believing In Yourself

If you look at all the wealthiest people in the world, people like Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, etc., etc., etc., they haven’t grown by saving. They’ve grown by taking chances, by taking calculated risks, obviously knowing what they’re getting into, being very smart about it, but they invest in themselves and they invest in companies, they invest in opportunities.

Saving Your Way To The Grave

And by contrast, a lot of people who don’t achieve financial wealth in life, don’t do so because they’re so scared, and so they’re saving for a rainy day. They’re saving their way to the grave. They’re holding on to whatever they have because they fear that no more is coming in. And so, if you’re in that position where you’re saving, saving, saving, building things up, I’ll tell you what the issue is. The issue is you’ve got a pipeline problem. You have a problem where you believe that, okay, one wave just crashed, but I don’t believe that more waves are going to be coming in. So I’m going to hold on to that wave and I’m going to let it grow. Well, that’s faulty thinking because money is not yours. It is not yours to hold on to, it is a transient thing. You’re holding on to it temporarily. Money comes in, money goes out. Money’s only useful when you use it. Right? There’s no … I have right now a hundred and fifty pesos sitting in my room. So if my son wants, we can go grab a little ice cream and I’ll dump some change in there.

So I’ve got a hundred and fifty pesos that are sitting in my room right now and that money is absolutely useless. Why? Because it’s sitting there, it’s not doing anything. IF I hold on to it and hoard it, and take it back home and put it in a jar, and maybe in the future I’ll use it again, it’s not serving me. It’s not serving anyone. So what would I rather do with that? Well, I’d rather give that as a tip to the house server. Right? Let the money flow through you and just have the mindset that more is coming. Think of these waves as the abundance coming into your life. You bring money in, money goes out. Obviously, you can save a little bit and invest it properly, but don’t feel that there isn’t enough because just like the water in this ocean, there is more than enough abundance for you. There is more than enough money. Money is nothing more than energy. It is nothing more than energy.

Mindset Challenge: Grow, Invest, Take Risks

So I want to challenge you to grow, to invest in yourself, to invest in your business, to take some calculated risks, intelligent decisions, but put yourself out there. Invest your money. Hire a coach, get the right training. Get the right support. Because trying to do things on your own is very challenging, right?

That is how the wealthy get wealthier is they take what they have, they invest it, they let it grow, they bring more in, they create more opportunity for themselves and for other people. But it all starts with your mindset of being abundance and not scarce. All right? So take that to heart.

Remember, savers do not grow. You cannot grow a business by saving. You’re simply going to save your way to the grave, and when it’s all said and done, you might leave this planet with a couple of bucks in your savings account. Use the money, let it work for you, let it work for others, and that’s how you become a wealthier version for yourself and for your business.


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