Best Way to Get More Chiropractic Patients

Are you ready to discover the number one strategy Chiropractors must use to grow a successful chiropractic practice? 

Most Chiros build their business based on walk ins, referrals and word of mouth which really isn’t a predictable marketing strategy.

We have a very simple marketing strategy you can use to fill your brick and mortar business with new patients with more predictability.  It’s called the “shoot video — book patients” system.

This is so easy to do, you can implement this in just a couple of hours using the power of Facebook Ads without any complicated funnels.

Best of all… you don’t have to break the bank doing this.

Here’s the rub …

The biggest downfall with Chiropractic Marketing is the offer itself.  There’s a very specific way to craft your offer which we call The New Patient Offer or NPO.

Obviously there are certain nuances that go into this.  

If you would like our help deploying this type of marketing strategy in your Chiropractic Clinic, you can book a free Practice Growth Session call to help you identify where you are, where you want to go, and the best game plan to help you get there by clicking on this link —>


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What You Missed

There is a conversation in the health community  that has been going on for a long time about making money that health practitioners shouldn’t be making money.

While we want to help people, the purpose of having a business is to make money and not suffer putting in 80+ hours a week.

If you want to serve and help others, you need to help yourself first.  You need to be realistic about what the financial needs are of your business to not just keep your business afloat, but to pay yourself a monthly salary that can meet your basic financial needs.

Because of the taboo of making money in the health industry, a lot of health practitioners are reluctant to charge what they are worth.  You have to be okay with raising your prices. When someone is paying more they are going to be more committed to doing the work to get the results.

If you have a problem with people making money, you are going to have a problem making money.

If you want help making the money you deserve to make, go to and let’s have a conversation.