Forget how many likes a post got or how many followers you have on Instagram.

For any business to thrive, you need committed, paying customers. 

While converting prospects into paying clients is important, it’s all about the quality of those customers and how committed they are to your services. 

And that comes down to your marketing funnel.  You have to ask yourself if a free lead magnet or a cheat sheet is going to attract a committed client who will put in the work to get the results they want.  The answer to that is probably not.

You want to create a funnel that requires them to commit time to reading your invitation, i.e., Facebook Ad to register for your webinar.  The webinar requires another time commitment in your marketing funnel.  

Through this process, you have gotten someone to commit their time with you.  The more time they commit to you, the more likely they will become a committed customer. 

In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:10  — Introducing Today’s Topic

01:10- 03:10  — Conversion vs. Commitment

03:10- 15:40  — How To Attract Committed Customers

15:40 – 16:55  — Wrap Up With Yuri



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What You Missed

In 2006 I came online and started my health business. I made a rookie mistake based on two beliefs I had.

  1. I’m smart. I can figure this out for myself
  2. I don’t have enough money to invest in help

Because of those beliefs, my first 3 years of business online I was making below the poverty line.  At the end of 2009 as I was looking ahead to 2010, the fact that I was not doing well was a hard pill to swallow.

I took inventory of what I was doing which obviously wasn’t working and asked myself what wasn’t I doing.

One of the things I ended up doing was making a sizable investment which turned everything around for me.  It was scary at first and changed my mindset from what if this doesn’t work out to what if this does work out.

From the experience I had I wanted to create a live event specifically for health practitioners.

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