The Most DANGEROUS Words To Say In Business

Healthpreneurs, be careful! The words you choose to use in your business could cost you your future.

In today’s video, I discuss some dangerous words that could potentially harm the future of your business. In the health coaching industry, the difference between having an open mind vs closed mind can help you avoid business mistakes.

Recently, I spoke to someone who ran a brick-and-mortar health practice and wants to grow a virtual one. This person claimed that they already knew all that there is to know about building an online health business because they’ve already worked with several experts on it for years, it’s just they haven’t gotten results from it. But if they already knew ALL about growing a virtual practice, why haven’t they actually reached the success that they want until now? Why are they repeating the same business mistakes?

As a healthpreneur, you probably have frequent conversations with various clients and prospects. And you probably can relate when I say that HUMILITY and COACHABILITY are extremely important. The most dangerous words to hear from clients are, “I know that already”, or “I’ve done this before”, or “I’ve seen this before”. You can’t support someone who thinks they don’t need it because they already know it. The same goes for you when seeking help to grow your health coaching business.

So, if you go into coaching with a know-it-all attitude, you’ll most likely just jeopardize your future, and commit the same business mistakes you already have before because of your unwillingness to change.

An open mind vs closed mind will determine the success or failure of your health coaching business. Keep watching to know more about the most dangerous words in business, and a few tips on how you can avoid them.

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What You Missed

Sales conversations can make or break your health coaching career and business.

You see, your ability to get more sales and clients relies on how well you’re able to connect with the prospect during discovery calls.

In this video, I share one simple shift you can make that’ll radically transform this process for you.

Let’s say someone booked a discovery call and they’re genuinely interested in working with you. You get to the end of the call and you mention the next steps they need to take to get started, and how much it’s going to cost them. They then say that it sounds great but they need some time to think about it.

Of course, we all know they rarely need more time to think if they’re truly convinced your health coaching services can help them. So what’s really going on?

This is the answer AND the key to get more sales. What’s really going on is that they don’t believe that your solution will work for them. Or they really don’t want what they say they want. Prospects don’t always tell the whole truth.

How does this information help with sales conversations?

Health coaching and sales require us to uncover the truth for us to truly help clients. But what often stops us from doing that is our biggest fear of being disliked by people. That fear keeps us from asking them the difficult questions required to get to the truth.

When somebody tells you that the program is too expensive, or that they just need to think about your offer, know that deep down what they’re really feeling is fear – fear of uncertainty, fear of failing.

If you want to get more sales, remember that what can propel people forward is courage. You have to understand where their fears are coming from. And if you can, address it.

If you let them go, you let them down. By reframing your sales conversations, you can have more impact, and enroll more clients into your health coaching program.

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