When Client Gifting Goes Horribly Wrong

Yes, client gifting CAN go horribly wrong. In fact, some client gift ideas are just not worth doing at all!

In this video, I share how to make your client gifts really count.

You see, I recently received a card from McLaren Toronto. Now, I love McLarens and will continue to buy them because they are great cars. But if I had been any less enthusiastic about McLarens, they could have lost my business – all because of a card!

Now, what’s wrong with sending a thank you card to clients?

Well, nothing if you do it right. The problem with this card is that there was nothing personal about it. If you’re going to do client gifting, make sure you at least have some kind of personal touch to show you care. Otherwise, there’s not much point to your client gift ideas.

People expect certain things when it comes to doing business with you, especially for premium brands. I have friends who haven’t done business with Ferrari because of the poor customer service at the dealerships.

But this also means there is an opportunity to separate yourself from everyone else just by doing the things that everyone else is too lazy to do.

Do that little bit of extra and your clients will appreciate you for it. For example, write a personalized card and make it unexpected. Don’t just send a letter during the holidays, send one out of the blue. Client gift ideas shouldn’t just be reserved for specific times of the year.

When you do client gifting the right way, it’s a great way to show your gratitude, and it can make a big difference.

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