This Facebook Ad Mistake Cost Me $28,479!

Strategic advertising on Facebook as a health business coach isn’t always easy!

In this video, I show you an epic failure we recently experienced with one of our health marketing campaigns on Facebook Ads, give you a glimpse of the Facebook Ads manager, and walk you through a paid traffic strategy to avoid future advertising mistakes.

At Heathpreneur, we’re all about helping you get more clients and scale your health business, so you can live the life you deserve while creating a massive impact in your patients’ lives. We’re also big on using paid traffic in your health marketing to help you find the right clients for your business.

Facebook Advertising can really be an amazing tool for your online health business. We really believe that it works because we’ve seen it and invested in it for our own business but it’s not always straightforward, which leaves room for advertising mistakes.

Recently, we ran a Facebook ad campaign that was set up for health professionals and clients who don’t really know us as a business. The plan was to retarget that audience and then show them conversion ads. Everything went well…until it just didn’t.

Keep watching to see what our advertising mistakes were, see the details on our Facebook Ads manager, and learn how you can rethink your strategic advertising for better success with paid traffic in your health marketing efforts.

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What You Missed

There have been a couple of changes to Facebook ads in the last year, and it’s got a lot of people complaining.

The thing is, these changes completely transform the way we go about targeting with Facebook ads. And in this video, I go over these changes, and how you can use them to your advantage.

Up until about a year ago, Facebook was all about granular targeting. This meant that, as a business owner, you’d try and market directly to your ideal customers.

But now, Facebook is essentially trying to create a good experience for its users. They don’t want us, advertisers, to know too much about other users, and they also don’t want users feeling like someone else knows about them.

And if you don’t know how to navigate around these changes to Facebook ads, you’re screwed. But to me, targeting with Facebook ads is now actually BETTER than ever. I’ll tell you why.

Before, you had to manage a bunch of different ad sets targeting a bunch of different audiences. Right now, with the new setup, the Facebook algorithm is so good that it does that for you. It sends your message out to a broad set of people, and you don’t have to do anything.

Except craft the right message.

With the right message, the new changes to Facebook ads are a gift. The algorithm does the work while your message pulls in the right people who are best suited to working with you.

And that’s why targeting with Facebook ads is better than ever.

So stop complaining…and get to creating the perfect message!

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