What Really Kills Me (And How To Be Decisive For Your Dreams)

It breaks my heart when people don’t know how to be decisive, especially when it comes to their future.

When you lack decision making skills, you suffer. Your health coaching business can suffer. Without the ability to overcome your fear to pursue your dreams, you’ll end up stuck forever.

It’s sad when people say they want something but don’t have the courage or aren’t willing to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve what they want. You’ve probably encountered some clients or prospects who can be this way. They want to achieve certain results, but aren’t doing anything to bridge the gap.

In the same way, there are tens of thousands of health coaches that say they want something out of their health coaching business, but end up minimizing their dream because they get scared. They lack the needed decision making skills to get where they want to be. They don’t know how to be decisive enough to go all out in pursuing their goals.

Fear is what often paralyzes us from getting to where we need to be. It stops us even when we’re supposedly sure of the decision we want to make. This is why we need the courage to move past our fears. Know that more successful people don’t have a shortage of fears, themselves. They’re just able to muster up the courage enough to move past them.

Learning how to be decisive and firming up your decision making skills can help you push past all hesitations when working towards goals in your health coaching business and life.

Once you learn to manage your fears, your possibilities are endless. Watch until the end to learn more about this.

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What You Missed

Healthpreneurs, be careful! The words you choose to use in your business could cost you your future.

In today’s video, I discuss some dangerous words that could potentially harm the future of your business. In the health coaching industry, the difference between having an open mind vs closed mind can help you avoid business mistakes.

Recently, I spoke to someone who ran a brick-and-mortar health practice and wants to grow a virtual one. This person claimed that they already knew all that there is to know about building an online health business because they’ve already worked with several experts on it for years, it’s just they haven’t gotten results from it. But if they already knew ALL about growing a virtual practice, why haven’t they actually reached the success that they want until now? Why are they repeating the same business mistakes?

As a healthpreneur, you probably have frequent conversations with various clients and prospects. And you probably can relate when I say that HUMILITY and COACHABILITY are extremely important. The most dangerous words to hear from clients are, “I know that already”, or “I’ve done this before”, or “I’ve seen this before”. You can’t support someone who thinks they don’t need it because they already know it. The same goes for you when seeking help to grow your health coaching business.

So, if you go into coaching with a know-it-all attitude, you’ll most likely just jeopardize your future, and commit the same business mistakes you already have before because of your unwillingness to change.

An open mind vs closed mind will determine the success or failure of your health coaching business. Keep watching to know more about the most dangerous words in business, and a few tips on how you can avoid them.

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