We’re back at it on the Healthpreneur podcast! Welcome! Today, we’re going to give you the scoop on what to do when you want to hit the PANIC button. Hint: Don’t. Things won’t always work out according to plan, and you know what? That is ok.

We’ve got to remember to let go of resistance and the expectation that things must go a certain way. We must be resilient and see challenges as what they are – opportunities. By doing this, you’ll open the door for even greater things than you expected.

Fear, panic, resistance, and expectation are all in your head. When you replace those with positive thought habits, gratitude, flexibility, and a desire to serve, you’ll no longer find a need to hit that panic button. Instead, you’ll be moving towards your goals and accomplishing them. Doesn’t that sound better?

In This Episode Amy, Jackie, Stephanie and I discuss:

  • My experience with failure and understanding the process.
  • Using top performers as an example.
  • Getting out of our own way and focusing on service.
  • Lost opportunities when you hit the panic button.
  • Being a victor – not a victim.


1:30 – Understanding the process and removing emotion from the equation

7:00 – 14:30 – Letting go of resistance, living in the now, and breaking bad thought habits

14:30 – 18:00 – Tips for breaking bad thought habits

18:00 – 26:00 – Resilience, building a legacy, mindset, and manifestation

26:00 – 30:00 – Taking responsibility vs. blaming others


All right. Welcome guys. Excited to be back. Amy and Jackie.  Well you guys ran the show. Was Steph on the calls the last two weeks as well for the between the ears?

Stephanie:                          Yeah. For some of them I was. Yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Okay, awesome, I got to get up to date, get up to speed, I need to listen to those, so I need to catch back up and I’m sure you guys were awesome. So anyways, we’re back in the flesh, all four of us, no black box, I think we’ve kind of figured out the black box issues. It’s a thing of the past.

Today, we’re going to be speaking about an important topic that has come up and that’s why I love these conversations because it’s just like, what’s happening? And let’s talk about that. And so one of the things that we want to talk about today, or the main thing, is what to do when you want to hit the panic button? Right, because this is a very normal response. It’s a knee jerk response.

So we’re talking specifically about our health business accelerator or our luminary’s clients who get their perfect client pipeline deployed, or really anything deployed for that manner, and for whatever reason things don’t work out the way you want them to initially.

And listen guys, I can’t even begin to tell you how many failures I’ve had in my life in business, of things not going the way I thought they would. Most notably, one of my first launches that I told everybody in the industry was going to be the biggest seven figure launch in fitness and we ended up doing five thousand dollars. So, I can speak from experience when, things don’t work out the way you want them to, however, with that said, I want to use this opportunity with Stephanie, Jackie and Amy to really give you guys a bit of context, and just a way of approaching this whole thing because the reality is, most times things are not going to work out the way you want them to, so I’m just going to open this up right now. We’ll get you guys to jump in.

Understanding the process and removing emotion from the equation

Steph, you do a lot of calls on the coaching side for our clients, this is obviously something you’ve probably seen over and over, what do you say to somebody when things aren’t working out the way they want them to initially?

Stephanie:                          Well, I think the most important thing for people to understand is that this is a process and if it was perfect every time, then everybody would do it, but that’s the thing is that, everybody won’t do it, because it isn’t easy. We make it easier, but I think the most important thing again just to kind of circle back to take the emotion out of it, and if you can kind of look at this almost like a scientist, right? Where a scientist doesn’t get really upset if their experiment doesn’t work, they just re-tweak things, and recalibrate things. And so, the other thing that I like to do too is, think about what the highest level people are doing, right? So let’s say like the Oprahs, or like all the people on Shark Tank, right? If they freaked out every single time something didn’t go right, they wouldn’t be where they are today, which is in the billionaire level, right? So we have to kind of think, what would they do? And then recalibrate ourselves to match what they would do. That’s what I do, because it’s easy to say this, I know in my own business I’ve gotten caught up in the emotion of it, but I always circle back to, “what would they do?” And then I try to mimic that, if that makes …

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, that’s great, I love that perspective, it’s like, “what would Oprah do?” Right? The thing is, problems never go away right? The thing is, as a business owner you want bigger problems. That’s a sign that you’re moving in the right direction. If you try to eradicate all problems, that would basically be a very mundane, mediocre life I think. And so the goals guys, is to be able, you want to be able to take on bigger problems because that is a reflection that your business is growing and that you are growing in response to that.

Letting go of resistance, living in the now, and breaking bad thought habits

So, as many of you know, I was on a cruise in the Mediterranean the last few weeks, and I was on an Abraham Hicks cruise, which is, if you don’t know Abraham Hicks, their pretty much like the founders or the people who brought Law of the Attraction to the mainstream I guess? The movie, The Secret, was largely based on their work. And then they decided not to be part of the movie because they didn’t like the direction of it. But anyways, Abraham is basically, as for Hicks, she channels this higher power, Abraham, and it’s amazing. So I was, we’re on this cruise. There was four workshops, so twelve hours total and thousand people okay, so, a thousand people in this theater, and I’m talking about, talking about people the Kool-Aid? It’s insane.

So essentially how this works is, you have a thousand people in this theater, as for Hicks, who’s now channeling Abrahams up on stage and it’s simply hot seats. So now you guys, what do you want to talk about today? And it’s like, everybody’s got their hands up. So, what they do, is they bring one person up at a time, they talk about whatever is going on and I was fortunate enough to have been up on stage twice which is pretty cool, and then my wife Amy was up, also up on stage. And everyone was like oh my God you guys are celebrities and I’m like, no, what are you talking about? We were just up on stage like, it’s not a big deal but for some people it was crazy.

Anyways, one of the biggest- what I love about Abraham’s teachings is that it doesn’t matter if you believe in this stuff or not, it’s happening, it’s just like gravity, it’s happening, whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction, just understand that it’s happening. If you- Whatever it is you get in life, you’ve created, that’s essentially what it is, okay? So good or bad you’re the creator, accept it.

So, going back to kind of what you were alluding to Steph, is one of the biggest things that I got out of this is like you can’t, with respect to money, you can’t attract more money if you are worried about it. Because there are contrasting energies there and they use the example of people lifting up their hands to get into the hot seat and every single time, it was when people came up on stage they were like, I really wanted this so badly and I never got up here and then I just said you know what? Whatever. And I just kind of let it go.

So, they detached from the outcome and all of a sudden they allowed that to happen and the thing is, and this is something that, and maybe you guys can speak to this too, what I’ve realized is that it’s a feeling, it’s a feeling literally in your solar plexus or your stomach. If you feel that knot in your stomach, that is a feeling of resistance, that’s usually fear or some type of anxiety. That is resistance, that is going to stand in your way in some way, shape, or form. So, what you want to get to and this is the challenging thing with business, is that you want to look at what’s happening now, like you have to have a pulse or a finger on your pulse, but you also cannot get stuck in what is now, because everything you want to create is already, you’ve already set those intentions and you need to focus there. And so that’s the balance of, okay I know this is all coming and I just have to get out of my own way to remove that resistance to allow it to happen.

So, when you’re thinking of, oh my God this is not working out, I’m about to hit the panic button,  and this is where, again, where business is such a great means to grow personally, but you really have to do the inner work to just allow things to come to you while you’re putting in the action to make it work. So, that was one of the big lessons that I really resonated with- That really solidified for me this past trip so I wanted to share that with you guys, so when you’re looking at your stats, when you’re looking at your data, don’t panic because you’re not getting enough calls booked. In our business, we don’t get consistent calls every week in terms of the same number all the time, there are weeks where it’s down, other times it’s way up, other times it’s down, and that’s just the way it goes, right? So you just have to understand that there are more than enough of your clients out there and just have faith in the process while you take action towards improving things, so … anyways …

Amy, what about you? What do you got? What do you got on this topic?

Tips for breaking bad thought habits

Amy:                                   You know, that is awesome and I love, you know, I wholeheartedly do believe in the Law of Attraction and what made me believe in it was, I worried myself into being broke. I was, I had plenty of money, like I was not hurting, my bills were paid, but I was so in this mindset of lack from the way I grew up and I didn’t take the time to break those thought patterns that I worried myself into a money problem, and when that happened, maybe- I won’t even say maybe, that’s exactly what I needed to do, to learn how to control my thoughts, how to change my thought habits, because your thoughts are habits, just like anything else and then we act on the thought.

So if it’s like oh my God I have no money, that wasn’t really a lot of fun for my family because we didn’t do anything because I was always like oh my God, you know, and as that’s changed and I, and Yuri, we spoke about this last year, in October, I just started to picture myself as a money magnet and I started to really get the feeling of like, I love having money cause guess what? I love when I give it to people, I love what I can do with it, I love what I can do for my family, I love that I can help people, so it’s a really wonderful tool, but when I looked at it as this evil thing and worried, was I going to have enough? Like, now I don’t worry, like it doesn’t matter what’s in my bank account because I know, in my heart, and that feeling you talked about, that I am where I need to be.

I am serving people and so when I got out of, oh my God I have to close this person cause I have to pay my bills, and I said, wait a minute, my life’s purpose, which every one of you in the HVA and in the luminaries on the phone at least, and I’m making a grand assumption that it’s the same for you guys, so correct me if I’m wrong, when we ask you is this a must for you right now? Even if you’re broke, you are not telling me it’s a must for you because you need to pay your bills, you’re telling me that this is a must for you because this is who you are.

You have a feeling in your solar plexus and in your gut, that there is something that you need to do and so, to change your thought habits, all those people are out there waiting for you and if you push panic, and you turn your ads off, and you don’t instead look for a way over, around, under, through, lean in, those people are going to be sitting there waiting for you and you’re not going to be serving them, so let that light the fire under your butt, let that be like, “Oh my gosh, I have to serve these people,” and I finally get it what Zig Ziglar said is, “If you serve enough people, you help enough people get what they want, you will get what you want,” and if you don’t understand that now, I think it’s taken me probably 12 years to understand what that means, or like, how to do that, but it’s so exciting and then every one of these panic button moments lead you to this amazing place where now, the expansion, the next problems come and now you can stay steady because you’ve been there.

You’ve practiced staying calm. You’ve practiced having an attitude of gratitude even if the shit is hitting the fan. Even if no one’s booking a call and you’ve just invested two grand in your ads, and you’ve done all the things, if you stay focused on who you’re serving and you’re going to take that action to make sure you serve those people, guess what? Your bank account’s going to blow up, your confidence is going to blow up, and you are going to serve so many people. I’m fired up, you’ve got to focus, so change your thought patterns, don’t focus on you. It’s not fun to focus on you, seriously, like it’s so much more fun to help other people.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Totally.

Amy:                                   Don’t worry yourself into bad things. If you keep focusing on the bad stuff, or, “it’s never going to happen, I’m not getting calls,” and I was there, I know, I understand, but if you keep focusing on that, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

So, instead focus on, “I look forward to my calendar being full, I look forward to dialing in this copy and I’ve got copy coaches that should wear capes because they’re able to wordsmith in the snap of a finger.” So, lean in, get clear on your purpose, focus back on why in the world you’re doing this, because honestly, in the health business, it’s not about the money. We don’t enroll you because of the money. We all need money, money’s awesome, but that’s not why you’re here.

So, focus on why you’re here. That’s what I get out of this. Stop pressing panic, just focus on your passion.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And really it’s a habitable way of thinking. This is the challenge, we’re just wired, we’ve paved these neuro-pathways in our brain to go to these thought patterns consistently and that’s why change is very hard, because it’s requiring a new way of thinking and then obviously actions you to move towards a different outcome. But, one of the things I love about Abraham’s teachings is that, they’re very focused on your emotional guidance system, which is essentially how you feel, is your best coach.

And, so, if you feel fearful and anxious, that’s a sign, those emotions are telling you that something- Your basically attracting something that’s not going to be good in that situation. So, the whole idea’s to always find a better feeling thought. And it doesn’t have to be specific to the situation and this is another big revelation. I used to think that if I wanted more success in business, I would have to focus on something specific to that, but the reality is that you don’t have to focus on anything other than what makes you feel joyful. For instance, for me, if I’m feeling a little bit crummy, I’ll throw on some tunes and I’ll dance around a little bit, or I’ll picture, if I’m not with my dogs, snuggling with my dogs. Like, that apparently, is my first go-to for feeling even more joyful. So, those are great insights Amy , thanks for sharing that.

I want to share one thing with you guys. Talked about kinda being the calm in the eye of the storm a little bit. This is the screensaver on my screen. Can you guys see this?


Stephanie:                          I can’t, but maybe they can in Facebook.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Whatever. It’s um- Anyways, the screensaver’s, if you’ve watched any of the trainings inside the program, the background is a guy just like sitting in meditation. And that’s my screensaver because my whole mantra is, “calm in the eye of the storm.” I don’t necessarily live that all the time, because I’ve got three kids that drive us crazy, but it’s a good challenge, right? Because-

Stephanie:                          Oh, yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s a great learning- To have kids. For instance, when we’re in the airport, our youngest son Arlo,  I shouldn’t call him this, but I call him Mt. Arlo, in terms of volcanic eruptions. And he’s very stubborn, but it’s a very good thing that’s going to serve him later in life, but in the airport, I’m like, “Hey buddy, can you carry your sweater?” because he didn’t want to wear his sweater anymore because he was hot. And we’re walking off the plane and he’s like, “No, I don’t want to wear it.” So, he falls on the ground, like just collapses, like this is what he does. And then an old lady’s right behind him, almost falls over him. Right, and these are things like, I’m like, “Oh my God, I’m going to like, ah,” but these are all blessings and this is one of the big things I got from the cruise as well is, you look at the contrast in your life with gratitude, right. Thank you for freaking out all the time, because you’re showing me how I can be a better version of myself to deal with this situation.

And it’s not about being happy based on circumstances. Like, if your life is, “I will be happy when … ,” you will never be happy. Right? You cannot be conditional, you have to be joyful, happy, whatever, all the time, regardless of what’s happening around you, because it’s you who is the creator of the conditions. And this is very challenging for a lot of us to dial in, because we’re so conditioned to being, “I will be happy when I have a good day,” or, “I will be happy when I have a lot of calls booked,” or, “I will be happy when I’ve made a hundred thousand dollars a month,” but it’s the reverse. You have to be happy and then that stuff happens.

Resilience, building a legacy, mindset, and manifestation

Amy:                                   You know Yuri, that’s a great point and one of the things I love about Abraham Hicks’s teaching is, folks, if you’re like, “Okay, that sounds great, how do I do that?” When you open up your eyes in your warm comfy, and I love my bed, when you wake up in the morning, first thing to think about is how- That you have a comfortable bed in a warm house, how comfortable you are. Start your day with that thought instead of grabbing your phone and reading your emails and freaking out right from the second you open your eyes. Even keep your eyes open, breathe deep, feel how good that feels.

We get to get up and do whatever we’re doing. We don’t live in a third-world country, where we don’t know if we are going to have water or be bombed, right? We have a warm bed. So you can start with that. I remember simply looking out- I was skiing and depressed. Hello? I remember just looking out the gondola window. It was crappy day and just saying to myself, “it’s Tuesday and I’m on the gondola. I’m skiing.” And that was it, right? So, it’s one thought, it doesn’t have to be about your business. What’s one thing you can feel good about in your life now and we all have that one thing. So just focus on that. I love that about the teachings.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Cool. Jackie, what about you? What do you see with our clients, with this stuff?

Jackie:                                   Yeah, you guys all covered it all, but I want to go back to hitting that panic button, because I’ve done this before as well in the past and as I continue to uplevel myself, I’m going to probably hit it too soon and that’s what scares me for our clients, is like, even when you’re panicking, it’s of course great to lean in and try to find the best of what you can still learn and grow from it, because that’s the only way you can create resilience in your life. And so, hitting it too soon, you may have been a hundred dollars, a thousand dollars away from that breakthrough, when it’s a Facebook ad for example. Or you may have been another day away from making that next thing, whatever, because you completely hit that panic and shut down, right?

So, I practice this with myself and I check myself. And it is feeling. We have keen awareness and like Yuri said, kids can teach you this. His kids are going to keep acting out until he’s a master at being patient, or you know, bouncing back to whatever that is, it’s going to keep showing up until he’s accepted the flow of that, right?

And fortunately his kids will also outgrow it, so maybe that’ll happen at the same time. But, in reality, you really just have to think about, how you feel is how you’re going to show up. So, if you’re pissed off and angry for a day, a two, three, four, a week, a month, whatever, you’re going to show up that way and how are you going to serve people in that type of attitude or mindset, right?

So, you really gotta think about these challenges are going to build your resilience. You have the framework and the team to work on this. We’re building a legacy, it’s not a sprint. It’s not like we’re done in an hour, done in six weeks, this is a legacy. We’re going to keep doing this, and if it’s not for you then let us know. If this is a hobby, we didn’t cover this right on our phone calls, we’ll check you, we’ll check ourselves.

Like, I just got off the phone with a lady right before this and at the very end, I mean she was a perfect client until the very end, I asked her, “Is this a must for you or nice to have?” We didn’t even talk about the price yet. And it was a nice to have and I’m like, “Well, when it’s a must for you, then let’s continue this conversation.” And she appreciated that, right? ‘I could’ve enrolled her too soon. And I could’ve panicked, right. I could’ve been like, “ah,” right? But instead, it’s like, “No, I’m serving the way I was taught.” I felt really good about it and that’s why we’re given these serving mechanisms and these feeling mechanisms, is because, again, our head can talk us into or out of the right or wrong thing because it’s been wired- Some of us are 30, 40, 50 years old and unless you’ve had real mindset coaching, which all of us in this call have, and that’s what we’re here to help you with, you’re still operating out of this system that’s 30, 40, 50 years old people.

And it’s okay. Just be aware of it. So don’t hit the panic button too soon. Realize these challenges are building you resilience and where your focus goes, your energy’s going to flow, right? So, if you’re coming in with this nasty attitude, you’re going to continue to get that and you’re going to serve that out to the world and we don’t want it in our group, because first of all, it’s contagious, right? It’s like the flu. I know I sound nasally right now, because I’m battling a head cold, but you know, we want to help, we want to know when real life is happening and shit hits the fan, but let’s come together and act like adults and act like scientists like Stephanie said. Let’s dissect it, let’s regroup, let’s look at it, let’s relaunch, right? Whatever that means.

Yuri Elkaim:                         My buddy, I don’t know if you guys know Jim Kwik. So he runs a company called Kwik Learning. He works with a lot of Hollywood celebrities to help them with all sorts of stuff. I mean, memorizing, and learning quickly. So he has this story where he talks about when he was talking with a mentor years ago. The mentor asked him to write a few things down on a little pad of note paper, like, “What do you want to achieve in life?” Like, his biggest goals. So he wrote them down and he went to put them in his pocket, but the mentor took them out of his hand and read them back to him and he’s like, “Oh my God, I wasn’t expecting you to read my goals out, this was just kinda for me.” And he looked at the list and he told Jim, he’s like, “You are this far away from achieving your goals, your biggest dreams.” And Jim’s like, “What are you talking about? This is going to take me a lifetime to achieve these.” He said, “You are this far away,” and put his hands up on his-

Jackie:                                   Awesome.

Yuri Elkaim:                         “That is such a great story, because I’ve-

Jackie:                                   That’s so good.

Yuri Elkaim:                         You’re all this far away and everything happens between the ears, which is why we have this segment every week called, “Between the ears,” because everything is between the ears, that is the only difference between massive success and a life a struggle and mediocrity and it’s not about ability, it’s not about skills, all this stuff is learned. And it’s just a matter of having some type of awareness to say, “I’m going to focus my thoughts here, I’m going to feel good in general, I’m going to celebrate and appreciate the small, little wins.” And this is another big thing is- And this is something that I’m not- I guess it’s not my first nature to just recognize the small wins, because I’m always like, “What’s next? What are the big things.” And this is something that I’ve had to work a lot on and that’s recognizing manifestation all around you all the time.

My wife Amy’s- She’s good at this and for a while I was like, “Why do you keep looking at these license plates and who cares if it’s 444 or 111?” And I got it, I finally got it this past cruise, because those were signs that she’s tapped in and manifesting in some way, shape, or form. That the universe is giving her signs of this stuff and I was like, “You know what, alright, that makes sense to me.”

So, we’re on the plane flying home from London.  I love flying, you all know that probably, and it was the perfect, unbelievable setting, I’m in my favorite airplane, the 787, looking out the window, sun’s setting, I’m listening to these tunes and this song comes on that was the perfect song for the exact moment, as the plane is starts to take down the runway and the words were, “This is your life, this is your happy spot.” I was like, “What the f-.” This is crazy. And I was like, “Thank you, thank you for this sign of abundance. Thank you for again showing me-.” And I’m like- When that stuff happens, nothing can go wrong, like nothing can go wrong and you just have to be aware, you just have to recognize that stuff because that stuff is happening for every single one of you, all the time. And it’s just a matter of being aware of that and being appreciative of it. So.

Jackie:                                   It’s a choice Yuri. Amy has been choosing to do that for a long time and you’re like, “ah.” And you’re turning on your awareness so that’s a thing in the script guys, we all have choices, right? We can go with that and I do the same thing, I manifest good parking spots all the time. I know it’s so silly and crazy, but that’s where I started five years ago to start practicing this manifestation muscle, right? And it brought me to awareness, it brought me to gratitude of a silly- Which would probably be stupid for other people, like, “Who cares, you can walk a little further, but-.” Everybody said that. They’re like- Get in the car and be like, “You always get the best parking spot.” Like …

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s funny because you have no resistance around it, right?

Jackie:                                   No resistance around it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And the cool thing is- In the universe, there’s no difference between a dollar and ten million dollars. There’s no difference between parking spot and building a billion dollar company if you wanted to. The only difference is beliefs.

Jackie:                                   Is our feeling around it. The way you feel around it.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Exactly. So, guys, it’s about creating desires without doubts. If you have doubt in what you’re desiring, you are blocking what you want from coming into your life. So, you have to, again, just check in. Like, “How am I feeling? Am I feeling that knot in my stomach?” Alright. Let that be a sign to be like, “Alright, change my point of focus, focus on something good, just step away from the computer for a bit. This is not serving me to grind into details here.”

So, yeah.

Taking responsibility vs. blaming others

Jackie:                                   Another thing I would love to add real quick, just because I think it’s so important is- And I think that it’s hard, but it’s also one of the most powerful things that you can do, is to take full responsibility for what is showing up in your life, instead of blaming the system, or the strategy, or the techniques, or the people, or the coaches, or the whatever it is in your life, not even in just the system, but just in general. The more you can take responsibility for yourself and live as the victor instead of the victim, the more amazing things will start to show up in your life. So, I just wanted to kind of point that out.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, and it leaves you in a position of power. Like, if I look back at- So this year we had, what, six Facebook ad accounts shut down? I’m like, “Oh my God, Facebook.” I mean, I could take the, “Why are they doing this to us,” but if I take the position of, “How did I create this?” Right? And the reality is there must’ve been in somewhere in my thought pattern, some type negative or resistance, whatever, or focus on the wrong things. At some point. And it may not even have been about Facebook. It may have been like I was pissed off at my kids or something, on a consistent basis. Because, abundance is abundance. Like, if you get abundance coming at your life, it’s a tidal wave that is money, that’s love, that’s happiness, that’s everything together, it’s not just like, “Oh here’s a piece of a tidal wave that’s only money, or here’s a piece of a-,” like, everything comes at you at the same time, because abundance is abundance and money is simply energy.

So the more you  raise your energy, your vibration, right. The easier all this stuff comes into your life and I know we’ve kind of gone on a bit of a spiritual tangent from this, but this is where it all is guys, this is where it all is. It’s a mindset, it’s about your energy, it’s about point of focus, it’s about feeling good all the time, or most of the time, no matter what is going on in your life.


Stephanie:                          … And the belief, like, they have it-

Oh, sorry, yeah-

Yuri Elkaim:                         No, go ahead, finish up, I’ll just-

Stephanie:                          … Just have to say the whole thought pattern and thought habits, ultimately, that’s what a belief is. So, if you believe like, “Aw, this sucks, it doesn’t work-, blah, blah, blah,” guess what? You’re right?

So whether you believe “this” or “that,” you’re always right, because your beliefs are ingrained in you. So, I just thought when you said that last piece there, I’m like, “Yeah, you got to be aware.”

Yuri Elkaim:                         Awesome guys. So I want to leave you with, every single challenge is an opportunity for you. Right? Look at every single obstacle as a blessing and just thank it, because on the flip side of that, you’ll be like, “Thank God this happened.” When you guys are struggling, I’m thankful for that, because it allows me and us to innovate solutions to better serve you. And if you guys didn’t bring up these challenges, we probably wouldn’t have thought of them in the first place. So, thank you for having your challenges, because it helps us help you. And just look at everything as a blessing as much as you can. So, hope this has served you well, guys. Again, if you’re not in the groove, if you’re not a part of HVA program, our luminaries, and you want to work with us, if you like this kind of spiritual slant on growing a great business, that’s part of what we do. Right? Not only are we hardcore on the strategy and the tactics and so forth, but we’re also very supportive on this stuff as you can tell.

So, if you’re listening on the podcast, you’re interested in going deeper with us, check out our training healthpreneurgroup.com/training. Go through the presentation if you like it, if you jive with it. Then book a call with us and we’d be happy to serve you.

That’s all from us today, Amy, Jackie, Stephanie, thank you once again for being with us. You guys are awesome.

Stephanie:                          Thank you.

Yuri Elkaim:                         For everyone listening, we will see you in the next episode. Have an awesome day guys.

Jackie:                                   Bye everybody.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Bye.


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