What’s up Healthpreneurs!  I’m coming at your today with a controversial topic.  Why saving money can make you broke.

Conventional wisdom has taught us to save money and I get that it may sound counterintuitive or controversial to think otherwise.

Saving money, or hoarding comes from a scarcity mindset and that more isn’t coming in.  Money is useful when it’s being used. If you have money in your bank account you’re not spending, you may as well have zero dollars in your bank account.

I’ve got a few paradigym shifts about several lies you’ve been told, and I really want you to think about what I say about these topics and why what you’ve been told when it comes to retirement and education are lies.

I really want to open your mind and help you think about the intention and thought process you currently have about saving money.

It’s when you start thinking differently from what you’ve been taught is when you become financially free.

If this resonated with you and you want to learn more about building a business that drives income and gives you the freedom you’ve always desired and dream of, then I invite you to go to workwithyuri.com and book a call with us.

In This Episode I discuss:

01:00 – 02:26 – Introducing Today’s Topic

02:26 – 03:51 – What Is The Intention Of Saving Money

04:04 -04:36 – The Big Retirement Lie You’ve Been Told

04:36 – 05:08 -Using Money As A Vehicle

05:08 – -06:17 – What A Business Really Is

06:17 – 08:16 – Believing In Yourself

08:16 – 10:08 – Changing The Way You Drive Income

10:08 – 13:27 – Breaking Through The “Broke” Mentality


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What You Missed

Our last episode was a solo round where I talked about the harsh truth of building an online business.

What is the harsh truth?  The harsh truth is that most health and fitness practitioners do not want to invest money to obtain clients.

When you come on line, there’s only two ways to build a business. You can use your time or you can use money.  Currently in 2019 and beyond, using your time to build a blog, using content marketing and SEO no longer reaps the rewards it once did back in 2006.  You just cannot win at playing that game any more.

Looking back over the years and knowing what I know now, I have a better understanding and insight as to what the number one currency is when it comes to building your online business and share what that is in this episode.

Fortunately, I’ve discovered what DOES work and will continue to work into 2020 and beyond.  It’s a system that I has worked for me and this same system is working for our clients as well.

If you missed it, tune in right here and find out what the number currency you is to building your online business and much more.