Many people have an issue with money.

And if you have a deeply rooted belief that money is “evil” then I guarantee that’s the ONE thing standing in your way of having more of it, no matter what you do in your online business.

So, what’s your relationship with money?

In this post I am going to outline 3 specific reasons you should be rich – and explain how if you’re not rich, you’re selling yourself short.

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But first, I want to acknowledge how arbitrary the concept of money is.

It’s simply a tool that somewhere along the line our ancestors decided to use to exchange value.

If you think about it, back in the day, instead of using actual money, people exchanged items that had worth to them – livestock, food, or whatever they had that another person wanted or needed. But now, it’s all about paper money.

The underlying truth of all this is the fact that many of us have a hangup when it comes to money, because we’ve been conditioned – whether it’s by our parents, schools, churches, or society in general – to think that being wealthy is evil.

For instance, in many movies, the wealthy guy is often a villain.  And Robin Hood, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, is cast as a noble person.

That’s such a fallacy. It’s actually backwards, because having money is important when it comes to your quality of life. If you want a nice house, if you want to have more opportunities, it’s important to have money. Every successful entrepreneur knows (and believes) this.

No one benefits from you being poor.

And no amount of depriving yourself of wealth will ever bring others to a greater level of wealth themselves.

The best thing you can do for your own life and for those around you is to be abundant – in all aspects of your life.

3 Reasons You Deserve to Be Rich

I want to give you a little perspective shift here.

You were not put on this planet to be poor. Being poor doesn’t serve anybody, and that’s the first thing I want you to understand.

Being poor is not noble. It’s actually selling yourself – and everyone around you – short. Let me show you why…

1. You Can Help More People

The more money you make, the more profit you have in your business, and that additional profit means you can give more to the world.

My friend Stu McLaren, who runs a successful business, is an entrepreneur who made that association.

It sounds simple, but he noticed that the more money he made, the more he was able to impact people in the world, and specifically the schools and children he works with in Kenya.

Now, think about the people you want to serve. You can’t help them if you don’t have any money, right? If you want to create change in the world, it requires money.

Which means that you need to be a little bit wealthier. Being poor and being broke does not help anybody, especially yourself.

2. It Comes as a Result of Your Own Personal Growth

This is a multi-pronged reason you should be rich. In fact, I often tell people that they should strive to become a multi-millionaire … but it’s not necessarily because of the money.

It’s because of who you become in the process.

This self development comes in a variety of ways, and I’m going to outline three of them.

There are very clear differences between someone who is earning millions of dollars versus someone who flips hamburgers at McDonald’s. Now, I’m not saying one is better than the other, not at all. But there is a difference in terms of personal evolution.

First, you learn to provide value.

The reason the person flipping hamburgers at McDonald’s is earning minimum wage is because pretty much anybody can do that job. In fact, potentially in the not-so-distant future, a robot will probably do it.

But the reason top-level entrepreneurs, CEOs, thinkers, and creators earn so much money is because very few people can do what they do. They bring a unique value to the market, and that’s why they get paid those salaries.

And they reason they can bring that value is because they went through a journey of development, growth, and learning that enabled them to acquire the skills and assets that make them extremely valuable to society.

If you want to make more money, provide something that is extremely valuable. And be so good that few people can even compete with you.

Meanwhile, the person flipping burgers – whether they’re 15 or 30 or 50 years old – hasn’t gone through that same evolutionary path to provide more value to the workplace.

I can’t stand when people complain about the fact that they’re not making enough money.

Here’s the reality check:

If you were to ask me for a raise, I’d to respond by asking you why. If you want the raise, you should be able to offer some clear examples of how you are providing value.

There are two lessons there: first, you have to ask for the raise and second, you have to prove your worth.

If you want more money, become more valuable to the people you serve, whether that’s your own customer base or a company that you’re working with.

Until you become more valuable, you won’t make more money.

Can you see how you become a more valuable person in the process of pursuing more money?

Obviously money is not the end-all, but in terms of adding more value and wealth to the world you first have to become a creator – because all money follows value. Value is simply creation –something you thought up and created, whether it’s a book, product, or an idea.

Second, you become a victor, not a victim.

Victims complain that the world is against them.

Creators, on the other hand, take responsibility for their life. They’re victors. They say: “Things might not be the way I want them to be, but I am going to be responsible for changing them to how I want them.”

That is how you create value in this world. It’s not by having a “poor me” attitude.

Third, you learn to manage your money wisely.

There’s a spiritual saying that you should be able to manage the small things before you can get the big things.

For instance, if you want three scoops of ice cream on your cone, you should probably make sure that you can handle one without it falling off first.

The same thing can be applied to nearly everything in life – including money. Manage the small before you get the big. If you manage the small dollars, that’ll make it easier to accumulate the larger dollars.

It’s who you become en route to becoming wealthy that’s the most important thing.

It’s not about winning the lottery. You’ve probably heard that most lottery winners lose all their money soon after they win their jackpots, right?

That’s because one day they wake up being their everyday selves, with all of their regular thoughts, habits, and beliefs.

And then they wake up the next day, and they’ve won $40 million … but they are still the same person with those same thoughts, habits, and beliefs. They haven’t had a chance to evolve and they haven’t gone through the journey that is required to help them hold on to that money.

They’re probably going out and buying expensive things that are nothing but toys and have no value.

That’s why I’ve long said that I don’t want to win the lottery, because it defeats the journey. The journey is what matters, not the event.

Go through the journey of becoming a multi-millionaire. You will be much better off when you look back on your life than somebody who just falls into money. I guarantee it.

3. You Can Live a Better Life

The third reason that you should be rich is that you can improve your quality of life.

If you have kids, they have access to better schools and better food. You’re able to live where you want to live and have a better house. And you can enjoy little perks, like flying first-class instead of coach.

Never feel bad about these “better” things. Never let other people make you feel guilty about having the things and living the life you want to live.

You are meant to have it all. You can enjoy the finer things in life – there’s nothing wrong with that.

The truth is, when people try to make you feel guilty what they’re actually saying is that they don’t think they deserve those things. Don’t let their nonsense get into your head.

Now, I live in the house of my dreams. I have my dream car. And I have my children – and I love everything I have.

Obviously, I’m very aware of the fact that my house and my car are only “things,” but when it comes to material items, those are pretty much the only two things that I really care about.

For me, what’s most important are the relationships I have and the value that I put out into this world, and I never get those confused.

Don’t think that if you have the money, you should feel bad about buying things you really want. You can have your toys – by all means, you’re on this planet to enjoy it. But at the same time understand that they are not going to make you happy.

It’s the other way around: You have to be happy first before that stuff comes into your life. Really focus on what matters in your life, which again is not the superficial nonsense.

Overcome Your Limiting Thoughts

Those are the three reasons why I think you should be rich.

If you have an issue with money, that’s a personal journey that you have to work on. Do what you can to improve your self worth, along with your association and relationship with money.

All of that is more involved than what I can cover in this post, but working on self-development, such as attending a Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” event, or similar programs, can go a long way toward overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Then, you’ll be ready move yourself to a more empowered position, which can make a huge difference.