Today I want to share with you why you’re worth more than you probably think, and I’m not talking from a net worth perspective or anything like that.

Here’s what I mean by that…

What you can do for people is extremely more valuable than what you’re probably pricing it at.

So, guys, as you know, with Healthpreneur, our goal is to help you, the health entrepreneur, coach or practitioner, take your wisdom and really help people at a deep level by creating, filling, and scaling a group coaching program that is going to serve them at the deepest level, much more so than having them buy a ten dollar e-book.

But still, there are many, many people that we serve and come into contact with on a weekly basis that shock me in how little they value themselves and the transformation they can create for their clients. I wanna share one such story with you.

The things that are not measurable, are the intangibles

I was recently speaking at an event, and after the event I was leading a breakout session where I was talking about webinars and how to create webinar, because webinars have been awesome for us for such a long period of time.

So, I thought one of the best ways to deliver this message would be to just go around the table and work one-on-one, kind of one-to-many really, into a case study. So we looked at one individual and she started telling us about her webinar and the solution that she was offering was helping her clients get through cancer naturally.

And I’m like, this is amazing. She’s talking about this great protocol that she has and the people that she’s been able to serve, and I’m thinking, this is awesome. So then I ask her, what’s the real challenge here?

And she said that the challenge was very few people were enrolling in her program. And so I asked her the next logical question, which is, well, what’s the price? And what she told me next almost made me fall off my chair.

See, I would have thought that she would have priced it at 10, 15, $20,000, but she came back and said $97. And if you’re watching this, you know who it is, you know who you are, but anyways, that $97 immediately hit me at a deep level and I said to her, here’s the thing.

And I think this is the reason why you’re having a tough time with the conversions.  The promise you’re making is to help someone get through cancer. That’s a very, very, big deal, and it’s only priced at $97.

Do you see the incongruence there?

For most of us, we believe that you get what you pay for. And there’s a lot of scientific studies that show this. When it’s a more expensive bottle of wine, we think it tastes better then when it’s less expensive.

And the moral of the story here is that especially when it comes to health and helping people improve their health, their fitness, their lifestyle, there’s no tangible ROI there.

There’s no saying, okay, if you invest a thousand dollars I’m gonna show you how to make five thousand. We’re saying if you invest some money I’m going to help you lose weight. I’m gonna help you get your life back. I’m gonna help you overcome these challenges. And for some people, they have a tough time getting through that mental block, because there’s no financial ROI linked to the initial investment.

But my lesson for you today is this. The things that are not measurable are the intangibles. The things that you can’t put on a balance sheet are the most impactful for most human beings. Love, relationships, health – these are things you can’t necessarily quantify, but they are the most meaningful to the people you serve.

So, with that said, does it not make sense then that if you’re helping somebody achieve these goals, that what you’re offering them should be higher priced? Yet, we’re still caught-up in this comparison mode, really devaluing our service and our wisdom and our expertise. And here is the solution to that problem.

Comparison Kills

Number one is don’t compare yourself to anybody else. I guess it’s good to know what other people are doing. See what their services are, what they’re pricing at, but I’m gonna challenge you to not compare yourself to anybody else, because as soon as you do that and you say, oh, okay, this person is charging $100 a hour, as soon as you compare yourself to some one else, and you say, they’re charging 100, I’m gonna charge 100.

Guess what just happened?

You just become a commodity. So what I wanna charge you with is this. You can command higher, premium, prices by focusing on the results or the outcome you can achieve or you can help your client to achieve.

It’s not about trading money for time. It’s not about we’re gonna do a four session package for $100 each. It’s not about that. It has nothing to do with the amount of time you spend with the client. The only thing that matters is the result you get for them.

You have probably heard that saying or that story where someone has a leak in their bathroom.

So they call the plumber, the plumber comes in, and within five seconds, literally, he solves the problem and then gives the person a bill for $500 and the homeowner says, what are you talking about? $500? You were here for ten seconds.

And the plumber responds by saying something to the effect of, listen, I fixed the problem in ten seconds. I spent ten or fifteen years learning where to hit the pipe. Why spend hours trying to figure out the problem when you could fix it in one, single, swoop?

The Secret to Charging Premium Pricing

So here’s the big idea.  You need to focus on what is the pain or problem that I’m solving and how fast can I solve it for my clients?

If you focus everything you do around the results or outcome you can provide for your clients, that is how you’re able to charge premium prices, because when you start engaging in conversations with them, it’s just a matter of showing them that where they’re at is costing them way more,  than the investment in your program.

I suggest you charge anywhere from 3-5,000 dollars to work with people at a close level, but not one-on-one, in a group setting, over a four to 12 week period. And again, the shorter the better, if you can produce the results for them.

Again, this has to be a major pain or problem that they want solved. It’s not about having them eat healthier. If that’s what you’re doing for people, I’m gonna challenge you to figure out what is helping them eat healthier really doing for them. Why are they wanting to do that? Because eating healthier, or exercising, is simply a means to an end. We need to focus on the end, focus on the outcome, focus on the results.

And when you can really internalize that and look someone in the eyes, or speak to them over the phone with conviction, and say to them listen, I can show you how to never suffer from this ever again. And this has been crippling you, as you just told me, for the past five or ten or fifteen years. How do you put a price tag on never having to deal with that again? How do you do that? It’s priceless. Most people say it’s priceless.

And that’s why you are far more valuable, you are far more worthy, than you think you are. You’re far more valuable, from a price perspective, than how you’re currently pricing yourself.

HOW You Can Implement Charging Premium Pricing

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