What To Do When Clients Say They Can't Afford You

What do you do when clients tell you they can’t afford your healthcare services?

Selling in business isn’t the easiest thing to do, and it certainly doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It even becomes increasingly difficult when faced with price objections in your health business. So what SHOULD you do? In today’s episode, I share how to overcome price objections.

As a health business owner and entrepreneur, you may have already (or probably will) come across a prospect who feels they can’t afford your services. This is something we can’t avoid because we, health professionals, operate in a service providing ecosystem. What does this mean for us?

This means we’ll often have to do sales calls to nurture and convert prospects into buying clients, and we have to build the skill of talking to people, selling in business, and influencing their decisions. Part of this is learning how to overcome price objections that may be thrown to us.

But don’t fret. This is NEVER about forcing people to do something they don’t want to. The positive element to all that we do in our health business is we’re able to influence people for the better. We’re supposed to be able to effectively communicate the benefits of our services. The more clients you convert, the more people you help. In our line of work, selling in business means healing.

Stay tuned to see how to overcome price objections in your health business.

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What You Missed

If you’re not investing in skills to develop your business acumen, then you’re getting taxed.

You read that right. There are many business owners who end up losing a lot of money because they never develop the key business skills that’ll make them truly successful.

A lot of people complain about taxes and try very hard to avoid them – or at least, the taxes that the government demands. But these same people often neglect one of the most important sources of “taxation” that there is – ignorance.

You see, the biggest cost in your business are the blindspots that you aren’t even aware of. What the government does can actually be irrelevant if you can create your own economy. You have to create a “bubble” in which you live so that external circumstances don’t impact you.

The only way to reduce this tax burden is by spending money to build your business acumen and key business skills. Investing in skills will give you the capacity to make more money.

The lottery serves as a perfect example of why this is so important. Lots of lottery winners end up losing their money. That’s because they didn’t have the skills to make the money in the first place. With the right skills, on the other hand, you can lose everything and make it right back.

That’s why I call ignorance a tax. Once you realize how much money you could be making by investing in key business skills, it’s hard not to think of it this way.

Start investing in skills that’ll make you more money, and sharpen your business acumen! It’s the best investment you can ever make.

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