3 Chiropractic Marketing Tips for a Flood of Patients

Marketing is very critical – yes, even for chiropractors. Marketing is basically everything that people see, hear, and read about your clinic before a selling even starts.

So if you hate selling, you need to prioritize marketing. Because the more effective your marketing is, the less you need to sell.

Don’t rely too much on word of mouth. Those things come and go and you have no control over it. What you need is to seize control of your business.

So how do you do that without being too pushy or sales-y? There are 3 very important elements of chiropractic marketing:

  1. Being Present – Make sure you’re the top of mind in your niche.
  2. Being Helpful – Provide consistent value to your target audience by sharing your knowledge and expertise. Remember: you are more than what you do with your hands.
  3. Being Willing To Pay To Play – The reality is that to get your message and content across to your target market as efficiently as possible, you need to be willing to spend money. You pay rent for your clinic and pay all kinds of operational expenses. Why not pay for your marketing?

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What You Missed

Whether you’re a doctor, dietician, chiropractor, naturopath – it really doesn’t matter – what you are essentially is a coach. 

Helping and guiding people to better health is what coaching is. Your patient has a problem and what you’re doing is guiding them to the other side, which is a promise: of better health, removal of pain, a better quality of life.

A Signature Coaching Program is the bridge between your patient’s problem and your promise. Whatever you do is based on knowledge and expertise. This expertise is your product.

It’s your intellectual property.

But no matter how great your program is, the key is how to sell it. You have expertise but that’s not enough. You need to extract it, clarify it so that it becomes simple and easy to understand, and you need to articulate it well.

You have to package what you know in a way that makes you stand out.

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