While we’re still fresh into the New Year, I want to share with you what’s happening in 2020, what’s happening with you and your business and what’s happening with us, Healthpreneur and how it may help serve you to grow your business.

We’re super excited to tell you about our live event Healthpreneur Live ™ which is happening September 25 – 27 in Scottsdale Arizona.  This event is not like other events.  It’s not a pitch fest. You’ll be surrounded by 250 amazing health and fitness professionals who are doing amazing things to build their business on line.

This event is like rocket fuel for your coaching business.

If you want to know more about what this event is like and take advantage of our 1/2 off early bird special, I invite you to go to healthpreneurgroup.com/live.

Personally for me, I’m traveling for 5 months from January 1 – June 1 with my wife and kids.  We’ll be going to Australia for 2 1/2 months and then off to Italy for 2 months.  Yes, I will still be running the business, but will also be able to enjoy a fun adventure with my family.

To do this, I’ve set up my business so that I can enjoy time travelling with my family without compromising anything in my business.

If you ever want to improve how your business operates, you may want to think about taking some time off.  Ask yourself what would need to be in place in your business for you not to be present in it for a month?

What kind of systems would you need in place?  What kind of people would you need in place?

I promise it will make you think about your business in a way you never have before and as I said, will improve how your business operates.

What do you have planned for your business in 2020?  Where do you want to take your business?  What is your mission?

I’m excited for this year and I hope you are too and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to me.

In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 01:30 – Introducing Today’s Topic

01:30 – 12:00 – The Biggest Event Of The Year

12:00 – 14:00 – How To Take Your Business To The Next Level In 2020

14:00 – 16:42 – Stepping Away From Your Business

16:42 – 18:36 – Wrap Up With Yuri


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What You Missed

In our last episode, we talked about why Every Day Is A Holiday For Your Business when scaling your ads.

What do I mean by that?  Most businesses tend to scale their advertising with flash sales and discounts to promote their businesses during holidays.

Here’s my take.  Anytime of the year is good time to scale your ads if they’re performing well.

I also don’t believe that you should be offering discounts for your services on holidays and if that’s something you’ve been doing or thinking about doing, then you really need to listen to this episode.

If you want to advertise over the holidays, you can do so by putting out a message that reflects the time of year without discounting your services.  If you want to know how to do that, I give an example you can follow when you listen to this episode.