3 Huge WEBINAR MISTAKES That Kill Conversions

Despite what some people say, webinar marketing can be a great way to put your agenda forward — but not for anyone who makes these 3 webinar mistakes.

In this video, I cover the biggest errors that people make when conducting webinars, and why they matter.

First of all, why are webinars important?

Simple. They filter out the people you don’t want to work with. Webinar marketing is powerful because you don’t want to waste time on the phone with someone who isn’t really interested. If someone gives up on your webinar, you can bet that they’ll give up on your program too.

But there’s a difference between conducting webinars, and creating ones that actually CONVERT attendees into clients. So, what are the 3 biggest webinar mistakes you absolutely have to avoid?

Mistake number one when it comes to webinar marketing is not having a compelling big idea. The big idea is the thing that you want people to buy into throughout the webinar.

Second is when your content goes way too deep into the “how”. Think of conducting webinars as something similar to creating documentaries. It’s a sales pitch. You have to give more of the “why” and the “what” to sell the idea.

Last is the mistake of terrible delivery. Don’t be a robot. Your message should change the way someone thinks. It should wake them up. If your voice puts them to sleep, your webinar has no chance.

There you go! The biggest webinar mistakes and how to avoid them. Watch until the end of this video to learn more about them. Remember, webinar marketing isn’t dead…it just needs to be done the RIGHT WAY.

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👉 Watch our FREE TRAINING: The Perfect Client Pipeline here: ➡️ https://healthpreneurgroup.com/yt-pcp