Attract High Paying Clients W/ These 5 Small Tweaks

Do you want to learn how to attract high paying clients, so you can charge more without being overwhelmed with too much work?

I’ve got 5 simple tips to help you sell high ticket coaching, that’ll make a HUGE difference in your health coaching business and in your life.

The first tweak you should make is gaining more confidence. When it comes to selling, confidence is everything. If you don’t have confidence in what you’re selling, neither will your prospects. Confidence will instill certainty and help make the sale.

Another crucial part of learning how to attract high paying clients is being results obsessed. Even if your marketing is phenomenal, if you have a bad product, you won’t be able to sustain a high ticket coaching program. You have to genuinely care about the results of your health coaching clients.

You also need expertise. Being an expert means simplifying complexity, as well as being able to help people ask the questions that they should be asking.

Fourth, you need to bring positive energy. People feed off of energy. It’s one of the first things they pick up on in an interaction. Think abundance, rather than scarcity.

I share one last tweak you need in order to help you sell high ticket coaching. By getting all 5 of these things dialed in, you can learn how to attract high paying clients on a consistent basis. Soon, your health coaching business will be growing even when you sleep!

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