There are 5 common mistakes in business that a lot of online health coaches and business owners make. The best business advice I can give? Make sure you stop doing them yourself.

In this video, I break each one down so you can know exactly what to watch out for.

The number one mistake is debating with trolls on social media. You’ve just got to avoid doing this. Give them zero attention. After all, a response is exactly what they’re looking for.

Another one of the common mistakes in business I see among online health coaches and online business owners is worrying about what other people think. At the end of the day, if someone says something about you when they don’t even know you, that says something about them more than it does about you.

I wouldn’t be giving you the best business advice in this video if I forgot to mention this next one of the common mistakes in business, that is, spending hours and hours creating content. The best use of your time when it comes to content creation has got to be a webinar that can work on your behalf 24/7 for the next years, and not a single piece of content.

I share the last 2 of the 5 common mistakes in business you’ve got to stop doing so your can have better results in your business as an online health coach or practitioner. Watch until the end to know more about all five, and take the best business advice I can give: STOP wasting your time doing them!

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There are 3 things that not a lot of people talk about when it comes to entrepreneurial success.

After years in the health coaching business and having built multiple 7-figure companies in my 17 years as a health professional, I know that it’s necessary to sacrifice for success. Some might tell you they just got out of bed and made a million dollars but, more often than not, success through failure happens.

In order to scale your health coaching business or practice online, you need to work smarter not harder by building a business that has effective systems. And achieving that level of entrepreneurial success where your business can run smoothly without your micromanagement takes a LOT of hard work. The first thing you need to know is that success is EXTREMELY hard to reach. You have to be willing to sacrifice for success. It takes both effort and time.

Consider this as a parent raising kids, how much hard work and sacrifice does it take? A lot, right? The same goes for “raising” a health coaching business or healthcare practice. People who say they make a million dollars overnight are able to do so not because success comes easy, but because this probably wasn’t their first rodeo.

Sacrifice for success is essential as a health coaching business owner or practitioner. Make sure to watch until the end of this video to learn more about all 3 things people rarely tell you about entrepreneurial success and success through failure.

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