Hey YOU, open up!

That’s the message you want your email subject line to communicate. Because at the end of the day, if people don’t open your emails, then they certainly can’t click on the links inside and buy your products or read your awesome content.

As you might have guessed, writing compelling email subject lines is VERY important to your success online.

Keep in mind that this is coming from a guy who used to write emails with subject lines like “April Newsletter” way back in the day. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I want you to avoid the mistakes I made.

So with the year in full spring, I thought you would find it helpful if I gave you a full recap of the most successful email subject lines from my online health and fitness business from this past year.

The List

What follows are the 93 best email subject lines of 2016, in descending order from most opens to least opens.

These email subject lines are mostly from broadcast emails to my entire list or a large segment of it. Usually, with more segmented emails we see open rates that are much higher.

Also note that since my main health list is several hundred thousand people, a GREAT open rate for us is anything hovering around 20%.

To help you make sense of each email headline, I’ve included context where applicable.

1. Get a FREE jar of premium organic coconut oil (first 1,000 only)

  • Open rate: 19.21%
  • Destination: optin page for free coconut oil from Thrive Market.

2. The BEST cardio to lose weight

  • Open rate: 19.16%
  • Destination: Blog Post

3. How to beat sugar addiction | why you crave salty foods | Are smoothies healthy?

  • Open rate: 18.74%
  • Destination: this was an odd headline style that we occasionally used for our Saturday newsletters, eventually leading readers to a number of blog posts.

4. The 14 BEST ab exercises (I dare you to try #13)

  • Open rate: 18.71%
  • Destination: Blog Post

5. Hey, it’s Carey (Yuri’s Assistant)

  • Open rate: 18.64%
  • Destination: This is a last-day email leading to a blog post with a link to a specific product we were promoting.

6. Is peanut butter SAFE? (does it make you fat?)

  • Open rate: 18%
  • Destination: Blog Post

7. The 8 WORST breakfast foods (avoid these)

  • Open rate: 18%
  • Destination: Sales page for a related offer we were promoting.

8. The 4 Worst “Healthy” Snacks (and what to eat instead)

  • Open rate: 17.67%
  • Destination: Sales page for my All-Day Fat Burning Diet book

9. Are probiotics actually good for you?

  • Open rate: 17.46%
  • Destination: Sales page for our Probiotics report product.

10. Even this famous doctor was a victim…

  • Open rate: 17.20%
  • Destination: Sales page for a probiotic offer we were promoting.

11. 10 habits of successful people (done before 9am)

  • Open rate: 17%
  • Destination: Blog Post

12. The Ugly Hidden Truth About Calcium

  • Open rate: 16.40%
  • Destination: Sales page for a book called the Calcium Lie

13. One of my favorite 5 minute meals (perfect for Summer)…

  • Open rate: 16.35%
  • Destination: Sales page for our 5-minute meals cookbook

14. Do THIS before bed to feel happier

  • Open rate: 16.22%
  • Destination: Blog Post

15. The #1 cause of a slow metabolism

  • Open rate: 16.14%
  • Destination: Blog Post

16. 2 NEW recipes for you (#2 is my favorite – yum)

  • Open rate: 16.11%
  • Destination: Blog Post

17. The SECRET to getting the results you deserve

  • Open rate: 15.98%
  • Destination: Blog Post

18. Shockingly simple and delicious french onion soup (only 3 ingredients)

  • Open rate: 15.93%
  • Destination: Blog Post

19. Meet the “Perfect Painkiller” SPICE That Also Fights Inflammation (plus how to absorb it 20x better)

  • Open rate: 15.84%
  • Destination: Sales page for a turmeric offer.

20. 14.2 pounds gone in just 1 week (here’s how)

  • Open rate: 15.83%
  • Destination: Sales page for my All-Day Fat Burning Diet book

21. How to create healthy eating habits that stick (free step-by-step plan)

  • Open rate: 15.81%
  • Destination: Blog Post

22. The most DANGEROUS ab exercises (#8 will kill your spine)

  • Open rate: 15.69%
  • Destination: Blog Post

23. Do this. Burn 983% more fat (seriously)

  • Open rate: 15.65%
  • Destination: Sales page for Metabolic Factor promotion.

24. How to STOP Sugar Addiction

  • Open rate: 15.61%
  • Destination: Blog Post

25. The WORST exercise for women over 35 (avoid this)

  • Open rate:15.55%
  • Destination: Sales page for my All-Day Fat Burning Workouts

26. 2-Minute Morning “Miracle” Routine?

  • Open rate: 15.53%
  • Destination: Sales page for Bodyweight Flow workout program.

27. Healthy brownies? (recipe inside)

  • Open rate: 15.51%
  • Destination: Sales page for our free cookbook offer

28. [PDF] My 1-day beach body fix

  • Open rate: 15.48%
  • Destination: Optin page for our 1-Day Detox PDF

29. best cardio machine?

  • Open rate: 15.43%
  • Destination: Blog Post

30. The CHEAPEST “diet” on the planet (do this once a week)

  • Open rate: 15.29%
  • Destination: Sales page for Eat Stop Eat program.

31. 11 ways to sleep like a baby tonight (without pills)

  • Open rate: 15.24%
  • Destination: Blog Post

32. You’re likely DEFICIENT in this one mineral…

  • Open rate: 15.09%
  • Destination: Sales page for magnesium product.

33. The at-home secret fix for optimal health

  • Open rate: 15.08%
  • Destination: Registration page for Optimal Wellness Labs partner webinar

34. SCARY facts about the foods you’re eating (new research)

  • Open rate: 15.08%
  • Destination: Sales page for our Energy Greens drink mix powder.

35. AVOID this #1 thyroid-killing exercise (especially if you have Hashimoto’s)

  • Open rate: 15.08%
  • Destination: Sales page for Metabolic Prime offer.

36. 5 Delicious Ways to Eat More Vegetables

  • Open rate: 15.04%
  • Destination: Article lander leading into our free cookbook offer

37. 7 tasty and quick healthy recipes — which do you want to enjoy today?

  • Open rate: 15.02%
  • Destination: Sales Page

38. want to join me in Toronto? (business workshop)

  • Open rate: 15%
  • Destination: surprisingly solid open rate (to my health list) for a business-related offer for one of my Toronto-based Healthpreneur workshops.

39. Free gifts from Yuri (as promised)

  • Open rate: 15%
  • Destination: Blog Post

40. The Truth About Sitting and Your Health (And What to Do)

  • Open rate: 15%
  • Destination: Blog Post

41. 5 “tricks” to ENJOY vegetables (seriously)

  • Open rate: 14.97%
  • Destination: Article lander leading to our free cookbook.

42. 19 Important Alkaline Foods Your Body’s Craving

  • Open rate: 14.97%
  • Destination: Blog Post

43. The Healthiest Breakfast Cereal Yet (try it today)

  • Open rate: 14.89%
  • Destination: Blog Post

44. Have you seen this AMAZING movie?

  • Open rate: 14.87%
  • Destination: Opting page for Truth About Cancer documentary series

45. 19 Healthy Dessert Recipes So Good You’ll Think They’re Bad

  • Open rate: 14.86%
  • Destination: Quiz page for Truth About Cancer documentary series

46. Goooooood Morning 🙂

  • Open rate: 14.85%
  • Destination: Blog Post

47. Eat THIS healthy breakfast food for faster fat loss (and fewer cravings)

  • Open rate: 14.77%
  • Destination: Blog Post

48. 7 Shocking LIES That Will Ruin Your Health

  • Open rate: 14.63%
  • Destination: Blog Post

49. The 9 BEST Flat Belly Foods (eat these daily)

  • Open rate: 14.60%
  • Destination: Blog Post-

50. The 5 Healthiest Alternatives to Milk

  • Open rate: 14.58%
  • Destination: Blog Post

51. 7 most nutritious vegetables | 12 ways to enjoy greens | drink this to look & feel younger

  • Open rate: 14.54%
  • Destination: Another one of our Saturday newsletter emails leading to various blog posts.

52. Are Smoothies Really Healthy?

  • Open rate: 14.46%
  • Destination: Blog Post

53. The WORST fat loss exercise for women? (quiz)

  • Open rate: 14.45%
  • Destination: Quiz page leading into our All-Day Fat Burning Workouts

54. Which of these 2 ab exercises is a waste of time?

  • Open rate: 14.43%
  • Destination: Sales Page

55. Brand NEW just for you (and it’s FREE)

  • Open rate: 14.42%
  • Destination: Podcast page on iTunes

56. The ignored “health savior” that ends disease (and weight gain)

  • Open rate: 14.37%
  • Destination: Webinar registration page

57. 9 Healthy Midnight Snacks You Can Enjoy Guilt-Free

  • Open rate: 14.30%
  • Destination: Article lander leading to our Amazing Abs Solution program

58. The 8 Worst Breakfast Foods to Eat in the Morning (Stop Eating These)

  • Open rate: 14.19%
  • Destination: Blog Post

59. WOMEN: discover your #1 metabolism killer

  • Open rate: 14.17%
  • Destination: Quiz leading into our All-Day Fat Burning Workouts

60. Why DIETING will make you FATTER

  • Open rate: 14.16%
  • Destination: Sales page for our free cookbook

61. Are you a SLOW burner?

  • Open rate: 14%
  • Destination: Sales page for my All-Day Fat Burning Diet book.

61. I call him Jesus

  • Open rate: 14%
  • Destination: Sales page for Eat Stop Eat program and one of the highest unsubscribe rates from all of 2016. I wonder why.

62. What NASA’s “hidden agenda” can tell you about your health

  • Open rate: 13.89%
  • Destination: Webinar registration for Optimal Wellness Labs offer

63. What Are YOU REALLY Hungry For?

  • Open rate: 13.76%
  • Destination: Optin page for video series on emotional eating.

64. I’m doing this for YOU

  • Open rate: 13.75%
  • Destination: Replay page for our Fat Loss Summit.

65. FOR MEN: This 30-Second Quiz Shows You The BEST Way To Build Muscle

  • Open rate: 13.67%
  • Destination: Quiz leading to a muscle building program

66. Fix this ONE problem for better overall health

  • Open rate: 13.67%
  • Destination: Sales page for muscle building (only sent to men on our list)

67. An inspirational story to start your week

  • Open rate: 13.65%
  • Destination: Sales page for my All-Day Fat Burning Diet book.

68. Easiest Black Bean Brownies EVER! (and super healthy)

  • Open rate: 13.64%
  • Destination: Sales page for our free cookbook.

69. 4 Ways to Manipulate Your Diet to “See Your Abs”

  • Open rate: 13.58%
  • Destination: Sales page for an abs-related offer.

70. How to crush ANY goal (quickly)

  • Open rate: 13.51%
  • Destination: Blog Post

71. The #1 Cause of Back Pain (and how to FIX it)

  • Open rate: 13.46%
  • Destination: Sales page for back pain offer.

72. The scary TRUTH about “cleansing”

  • Open rate: 13.44%
  • Destination: Webinar registration page for our cleanse code webinar.

73. 3 Best Natural Cures for Constipation

  • Open rate: 13.38%
  • Destination: Protein quiz

74. The 7 stages of DISEASE (which are you currently in?)

  • Open rate: 13.33%
  • Destination: Webinar registration page.

75. Eating FAT makes you THIN?

  • Open rate: 13.08%
  • Destination: Optin page for Fat Summit.

76. This “Prehistoric Disease” Robs Life Energy

  • Open rate: 13.05%
  • Destination: Article lander leading to our Energy Greens product.

77. Struggling to lose weight this year? This is why…

  • Open rate: 12.87%
  • Destination: Sales page for our Fat Loss Summit.

78. The 4 worst “healthy” snacks (never eat these)

  • Open rate: 12.77%
  • Destination: Blog Post

79. Nature’s Ultimate Flu Shot (100% Safe and Effective)

  • Open rate: 12.75%
  • Destination: Blog Post

80. Banana sushi?!

  • Open rate: 12.74%
  • Destination: Sales page for our free cookbook.

81. Fwd: Ashley dropped 59 lbs by dropping these 2 health foods

  • Open rate: 12.71%
  • Destination: Sales page for weight loss offer.

82. Is your body AGING faster than it should? Answer inside.

  • Open rate: 12.71%
  • Destination: Anti-aging quiz

83. The at-home secret fix for optimal health

  • Open rate: 12.71%
  • Destination: Webinar registration page for Optimal Wellness Labs offer.

84. #1 muscle that eliminates joint and back pain, anxiety and looking fat

  • Open rate: 12.70%
  • Destination: Sales page for Unlock Your Tight Hip Flexors program.

85. NEW way to get great abs (special forces training secret)

  • Open rate: 12.68%
  • Destination: Sales page for abs-related offer

86. 4 reasons to NEVER do this workout (especially if you’re a woman)

  • Open rate: 12.63%
  • Destination: Blog Post

87. This man lived with monks. Now he’s EXPOSING their secrets!

  • Open rate: 12.58%
  • Destination: Optin page for Urban Monk course.

88. Is this toxic substance on your kitchen counter?

  • Open rate: 12.50%
  • Destination: Sales page for salt offer.

89. This exercise cools fattening inflammation (and boosts metabolism)…

  • Open rate: 12.47%
  • Destination: Sales page for Metabolic Prime program.

90. These 4 proven “lifestyle hacks” transform your body

  • Open rate: 12.40%
  • Destination: Sales page for 27 Habits book.

91. Chocolate Fudge That’s Actually Good For You 🙂

  • Open rate: 12.36%
  • Destination: Blog Post

92. A personal invitation from Yuri (time sensitive)

  • Open rate: 12.35%
  • Destination: Sales page for All-Day Fat Burning Diet online course.

93. 57 year old TURNS the clock BACK 10 years in 28 DAYS!

  • Open rate: 11.73%
  • Destination: Sales page for baby boomer fitness program.

What Makes People Open Emails?

There you have it – 93 proven email subject lines that work (at least for us).

In case you’re wondering, the 2 ingredients for a successful email subject line are CURIOSITY and BENEFIT. Knowing that, go back through the list and see if you can see how these 2 elements are infused in most of our winning subject lines.

Here’s What to Do Next…

If you’ve enjoyed this post and want to get better results from the emails you send your list, then I think you’ll really enjoy my “Irresistible Headlines” swipe file and worksheet, which will give you even more proven winning headlines you can use for your emails, blog posts, and sales copy.

This is a component of one my paid programs but it’s so helpful and relevant to this discussion that I figured it could really help you out. You can download it for FREE by clicking on the banner below.