Catie Fenn is a modern soul teacher and guide, goddess circle facilitator, digital course creator and inspirational speaker who helps women design lives they actually love. 

A former litigation lawyer, achieving all the societal pillars of success left her feeling disconnected from her true self, her sense of purpose, and her joy.

Making the transition from litigation lawyer to soul teacher, coach and facilitator came when she realized that nothing external could ever bring her happiness or success; instead, it had to be an inside job. 

Catie now helps women unlock and follow their intuition. Catie’s work has led her to lead retreats around the world, workshops, digital self-help courses, and coaching women to unlock their place in the world. 

Catie is successful because she removed herself from the opinions and expectations of others, and allowed herself to be in alignment with her soul. Her light and focus are evident as she lives her true calling and is her authentic self. 

Connect with Catie Fenn

Instagram: @catiefenn


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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 00:38 — Introduction to Catie Fenn.   

00:39 – 05:07— The transition from law to coaching. 

05:08 – 07:26 — How Catie laid the groundwork and built out her coaching career.   

07:27 – 09:05 —  The similarities and differences between working as a lawyer and a coach. 

09:06 – 10:05 —  Are Suits and other law firm shows realistic? 

10:06 – 12:12 —   Where did the meditation aspect of her coaching come in? How did it start? 

12:12 – 13:34 —   How was meditation received by her audience in the beginning? 

13:35 – 15:14 —    How she dealt with rejection.

15:15 – 17:46 —   How do you move through rejection and into the next thing.

17:47 – 20:40 —    How Catie’s expertise evolved through exposure and application.

20:41 – 22:16 —    Who is Catie’s perfect client? 

22:17 – 24:11 —   What holds potential clients back in life and in working with her?

24:12 – 26:43 —  Where is the best place for people to find Catie online?



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