Hi. It’s Yuri here from Healthpreneur. So, business is a very interesting journey, right? There’s a lot of different ways to get to the top of where you want to go; the top of the proverbial mountain, if you will.

Keeping It Simple

One of the things I’ve recognized having had a business online now for 13 years is that the shortest path is usually the best one, all right? Albert Einstein once said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,” and that’s something I can definitely equate to with respect to growing a business in the health and fitness space.

Right now, I’m walking through these roads, these convoluted roads in Rhodes, Greece, a beautiful, medieval town. It’s a historic little village. I’ll just give you some shots here. Look at these amazing alleyways. But we’re inside of these castle walls, and there’s so many different ways you can get around. It’s got me thinking. It’s such a good analogy for business. There’s so many different ways we could be going from A to B.

Choosing The Right Business Model

So, what I want to leave you with here is what I think is the simplest way to grow your business online, which is if you’re a health or fitness coach, if you want to really help people transform their health, there’s a lot of different business models that you could choose from.

Number one is you can do the whole content marketing thing, right? Create a lot of blog content, podcasting, YouTube videos, all that stuff. That’s all great. Listen, I’ve done that. I did that for 10 plus years and I still think it’s an important piece to build into your business. But I think it’s also really important to think about, well, what’s the most important thing you can do in your business? That is from day one to sort of track in your best clients.

We could also affiliate marketing or having partners promote your stuff. Yes, that can work, as well. But quite honestly, it’s not predictable. Is it scalable? Maybe, maybe not, but you don’t have control over that. One of the things that I found the most exciting in all my years in business is really having a predictable process, a predictable way. What I think most of us want as entrepreneurs is a predictable way of attracting and generating new clients, and I’ve not found anything as simple as what I’m about to share with you.

It’s this, is you you can spend money on advertising which means that you can acquire a client at a profit. You can spend $5 and make 10 or 20 in return. If you can crack that code, that is ultimately how you’re going to succeed in business. Succeeding in business is not going to be hope and pray marketing, hoping people are going to promote your stuff. It’s about knowing that you can put one specific input and get a specific output in return.

The Perfect Client Pipeline

In our business in Healthpreneur, the way we generate 95% of our revenue is through a four step process we call our perfect client pipeline. This is exactly how we help our clients build their coaching businesses, as well. So what that looks like is this. We have some type of ad, like a video for instance or a post on Facebook. We put some money behind it. It gets it front of our ideal audience. From there, we invite them to a webinar, and on that webinar, we use that opportunity as a great way to build value and really educate our viewers. And then third, we invite them to a call to see if we can help them. Now, before the call, we have them fill out an application to make sure they’re a good fit.

So four steps, and that’s all we do in our business, okay? And yes, I do create videos and I create content, but the reason I do that is because I have time and space now to be able to do that stuff. We focus first and foremost on building our income, truly helping our clients at a high level, building a predictable sales process, and then you can do the other stuff, okay?

Now, if this sounds of interest to you and it makes sense for you, then what I’d like to do is enter step two in our process, which is to attend our great free online training, which is essentially our webinar.

Click on the link. Check it out. It’s a great presentation that will make I think a big difference in the way you perceive business and how you’re going to go about building yours.

If this video finds you well, be sure to share it with someone who would find either the scenery or the content valuable. Thanks so much for joining me today. Hope you have an awesome one, and from Rhodes in Greece, I’m going to sign out.

I’ll talk to you soon. I look forward to seeing you on the webinar.


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