Yuri from Healthpreneur here. Let me ask you this question. How do you attract clients into your health or fitness coaching business?

If you’re like most of the experts that we speak with, it probably resonates with something like this. “It’s mostly word of mouth.” And listen, there’s nothing wrong with word of mouth. Referrals are awesome, and you should continue doing that. The dilemma is that if you have ambitions for growing your business and earning more income and serving people at a higher level, the thing is that if it’s not predictable, it’s not scalable.

Perfect Client Pipeline

A lot of people we speak with and help want to go from earning whatever is they’re earning to earning a lot more, and we help them in a number of ways do that. One of the primary ways we do that is number one, we help them charge more, not just adding a zero to what they charge, but also understand that by charging more, you actually serve your clients in an infinitely greater manner.

But with that said, how do we get those people in the first place? What we help our clients build out is their perfect client pipeline, which is their predictable sales process. So no matter what type of business you have, no matter what type of business model you run, the most important thing you need to be focused on for the first couple of stages of your business journey is building out a predictable way of generating new leads and clients into your business.

Because once again, if what you’re doing is not predictable, then it’s not scalable. And if it’s not scalable, then what that means is you are going to be putting in so much time, energy and effort to push this car up the hill if you will.

Pushing A Car Uphill

You want to get to a point in your business to understand, initially you’re going to put in a little bit of work.

I’m going to push this car up the hill a little bit. But now, once that’s done, you have, for the most part, an automated process that does the heavy lifting for you. So, it’s kind of like the car is at the top of the hill and then you just put it in neutral, give it a little push down and now it just goes on its own. And that’s where you start building great momentum. And the great thing about this is that it requires a very, very simple pipeline, a very simple process to put this in place. And that’s what we do every single day with our clients. It’s exactly how we turned Healthpreneur into a multimillion dollar business and helping our clients at a very high level to the same in their businesses.

So I want to just leave you with this idea is what I’m doing predictable? Is what I’m doing, if I remove myself from this process, does the lead flow stop? Am I posting on Instagram 1,000 times a day and that’s my only way of generating leads and clients? Am I having to write blog posts and posts on Facebook all the time? Is that my only way of generating leads and clients? If so, you don’t have the predictability you need.

Again, if you need help with this, click the link and watch our training, the Seven Figure Health Business Blueprint. I’ll walk you through our exact, four step, perfect client pipeline process to help you not only attract and enroll more of your perfect clients, but how to deliver an amazing coaching program on the backend to transform their lives.

So, hope this serves you well. If you’ve enjoyed this, you know what to do, and I’ll see you soon.


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