One of the things I’ve discovered from our most successful clients is that they’ve been able to put aside being nice in order to help their clients.

This is not about being an a**hole or making friends.  It’s about helping people transform. And that means people hearing the truth they are not willing to admit to themselves.

Don’t be nice to spare people their feelings because at the end of the day it probably does more harm than good.

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In This Episode I discuss:

00:00 – 02:37  — Introducing Today’s Topic

02:37 – 05:13  — What It Means To Be Honest

05:13 – 09:00  — Learning How To Have That Conversation

09:00 – 13:26 — How To Take Your Business To The Next Level



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What You Missed

Here’s a harsh truth.  “Build it and they will come” does not exist on the internet.

If you put up an organic post on social media, it has a shelf life of a few minutes and will be seen by a handful of people.

Right now, the number one attention in your business is to command attention. The fastest way to kill your business is to not be known by anyone.

As a business owner, Facebook has said publicly that if you want your content to be seen, you have to pay to play.  

You need to make yourself more visible and boost your content to the people who need to see it.

If you don’t put yourself out there, if you don’t make yourself visible, you will kill your business.

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