Hey, hey , hey Healthpreneurs!  In this episode, I’ve got one of our rockstar inspiring clients, Jenn Edden as our guest, and I couldn’t be more pumped because she has been an absolute inspiration for so many other clients that we serve.  I’m really excited to highlight her, feature her, and really talk about her journey.

Jenn has been a health practitioner for about 15 years and she specializes in helping busy entrepreneurial women learn how to dial in their sweet tooth without all the dieting and deprivation.

Like so many in this space, she had dabbled in a little bit of everything to get her message out only to find herself burnt out.  Jenn struggled for 15 years and in just 4 months, built her dream business.

For Jenn, having a business that is streamlined has been the missing piece to taking her business to the next level.
Tune in to find out how we helped Jenn improve her reach to get her message out to more people to bring in consistent, sustainable revenue.

In This Episode Jenn and I discuss:

01:40 – 03:30 – Introducing Jenn and The Clients She Serves

03:30 – 05:20 – Getting Her Message Out

05:20 – 08:43 – Improving Jenn’s Reach

08:43 – 13:48 – Coaching, Support and Mindset Upgrade

13:48 – 19:47 – Building A Sustainable, Predictable Business

19:47 – 22:21 – Wrap Up With Yuri


Yuri Elkaim:                         Hey, hey, what’s up guys? Yuri here and I’m really excited for this conversation. I’ve got one of our rockstar inspiring clients, Jenn Edden on the line with me and I couldn’t be more pumped because she has been an absolute inspiration for so many other clients that we serve.  I’m really excited to highlight her, feature her, and really talk about her journey. So Jenn, welcome to the show here.

Jenn Edden:                       Thank you, Yuri. That intro, I so appreciate that.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Awesome. It obviously doesn’t do justice, so I’m going to, I’m going to give you a second. Can you tell our viewers and listeners, just introduce yourself, who are you, what do you do? And just give them a bit more context around that.

Introducing Jenn And The Clients She Serves

Jenn Edden:                       All right, sure. I’d be happy to. So my name is Jenn Edden. I specialize in sugar addiction. Helping busy entrepreneurial women really learn how to dial in their sweet tooth, their wine, right? But without all this dieting and this deprivation, and I’ve been in this, in the health world about 15 years now. It took me 15 years to find you Yuri. I love what I do. I’ve got a family of five total. I got three kids and a husband and this has been the missing piece. I just can’t say enough. So I know we’ll dive into that. But I love my work. I love what I do, I love my family and now having a business that really is streamlined, has been the missing piece. So I’m very grateful.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s great. So why sugar addition? Like what was your big motivation to want to do what you do?

Jenn Edden:                       Oh, gosh, like so many practitioners that are going to be listening right now, I mean that’s just what I struggled with as a kid. I was super sick, super anxious, gastritis, grinding of teeth. Kind of normal in my house to go through rows of Oreo cookies as a kid. Not really knowing that anxiety is directly linked, and that stuff goes on. As a kid you kind of overlook it, but then when you’re in your twenties and you still have problems, you really start to take a deeper look, or at least that’s what I did.

Jenn Edden:                       And like so many people, it’s hard to go to doctors and others. While they have their place, we’re the ones who really can find the solutions for ourselves and it was after I healed myself, it was time.

Yuri Elkaim:                         It’s awesome.

Jenn Edden:                       It’s time to really bring it out into the world in a bigger way. I don’t really know that many people that specialize in sugar. It’s weight loss, it’s this, it’s that. But I am the sugar expert because I’ve been recovering.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Totally, you’re awesome.

Jenn Edden:                       So yeah, thanks.

Getting Her Message Out

Yuri Elkaim:                         So you have this message, you want to really get it out to people. What did you want to achieve with your business and what problem or problems were you facing as you were starting your business or growing it?

Jenn Edden:                       That’s so great. So for me, it’s about a movement. It’s about starting with, for sure entrepreneurial women like myself who don’t really have the time to figure all this stuff out. But then for me that, the bigger thing is as I grow my business and have grown my business, it’s reaching the children. It’s reaching the next generation. So I know for me the women hold the key so you know they have the children. So for me it’s really just spreading the bigger message that you don’t need to live with your circumstances, that food heals on a really, really deep level. And did you ask me my struggles? Struggles?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, like business wise. Like what were you struggling with through all this? What was the challenge that you were facing before you kind of came into our world?

Jenn Edden:                       Reach. Having a larger reach but in a way that felt authentic for myself. Right? There’s so many different people out there, which God bless them, selling everything and everyone has what resonates with them. But for me as a busy mom, when the health of my family is really number one as well as the health of myself, I just didn’t find any other solutions that fully resonated. And I mean you don’t know this, but one of the beautiful things, I’ll just say real, real quick, Yuri’s extremely congruent. And so I look for congruency and I need my mentors and my coaches to be congruent, and to live as healthy of a life as me, if not more. And so that was a big piece, and staff and everyone that supports the entire HBA program, they’re healthy as well. So just congruency matters. Yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Well that’s why I don’t sell hair care products, so.

Jenn Edden:                       Good one. Good one.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Thank you for saying that.

Jenn Edden:                       You’re welcome.

Improving Jenn’s Reach

Yuri Elkaim:                         So you want to improve your reach, you want to get your message out to more people. What are some of the things that you had tried to do that, to expand your reach to get clients? What did you try before you came across us?

Jenn Edden:                       So great. I love that. So one of the big things that struck home when I decided hands down, like, all right, “I’m just going to come in and let’s have some fun together playing,” was, I dabbled in everything. I mean, so I did some Insta, I did some Facebook, I did some Facebook ads, but nothing really targeted. Just things that I would boost based on what I had written. I’ve got a newsletter community, I’ve done workshops. Oh, gosh. Yeah, yeah.

Jenn Edden:                       I’ve done pretty much where I worked to do as much as I could online with my limited knowledge. But then I also would do a ton of in person, but none of it was just consistent in a way where it was consistent revenue and I was constantly hitting burnout. So nothing was sustainable, going back to health of my family and myself is really number one. And I do believe you can work smarter as well as harder.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yup.

Jenn Edden:                       So you just, it got nailed in this program, let’s just say it that way.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Nice.

Jenn Edden:                       Yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And so, finding a better solution to all that other stuff and that’s as you know Jenn, that’s pretty much what everyone does, right? They’re doing everything and it’s like we see all the time. So you kind of do that stuff for a long time. You’re introduced to us, with the smarter solution in your mind. What are you thinking of in terms of like, “What is this going to mean for my business and what does is this going to mean for me personally?” What did that conversation look like?

Jenn Edden:                       You mean like now? Like where am I at?

Yuri Elkaim:                         Well even as you were contemplating starting with this.

Jenn Edden:                       Oh, it was a no brainer. So for those who don’t know me, right, when something resonates, I always teach this in my practice, you go for it because congruency always leads to results when you commit. So for me, I just saw this as the light at the end of the tunnel, where I could put in the effort that I am more than willing to do, but it would give me results that are like you always say, and I love it, like predictably. Predictably give me results that are consistent if I work hard enough. And so when I’m the limiting factor, there’s no problem there. It’s when I don’t have the tools, I’ve got a problem. So the beauty is I now have all of these tools in place and me, the limiting factor, I have no problem working harder.

Jenn Edden:                       And I know you and others have taught this. In the beginning you have to put in tons of time. But as the business grows and becomes more sustainable and scalable, you hire teams. And I’ve always been interested in hiring. In fact, I’m a delegating queen. I don’t believe I should be doing it all, but I didn’t know what to delegate. All right? I didn’t have enough predictable leads coming in to delegate that much, and of course with that is the predictable revenue. So with all that really starting to gel, I mean sky’s the limit. You can talk about where I’m headed. Like sky’s the limit. I wake up giddy every day.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah. Oh, you can get there for sure. So you come into the program and just for everyone watching and listening, we’re talking about the health business accelerator. We call it HBA for short. So in your experience, like what if we were to say like three parts of our coaching program made the biggest impact for you? What would those three parts be?

Coaching, Support and Mindset Upgrade

Jenn Edden:                       I would say this, the constant support being on a journey where I can’t see the finish, but there’s an intense and a really good amount of support every day of the week from staff. Oh my gosh. From Yuri. I mean, you know that you’re just, you’re in there all the time. So we’re so grateful for that. So I would say support is number one. And for me, I’m just going to say, own your weaknesses and love your strengths. And I know for me like the tech end of stuff, I’ve always delegated to the point where I think I delegated most of my business away minus the coaching part, which I love, love, love. And what I’m finding is that so many of us that come in to this program, we’re similar in that we have a passion for what we do and we’re really good at it.

Jenn Edden:                       But the tech stuff has totally stopped us from scaling. So the beauty is like you all in your team have removed that problem from us, but you didn’t just remove it. You empowered us to understand it so that we’re self-reliant. And I would honestly say up until now, I have not been self-reliant. I’ve been super reliant on the VA and if she leaves, Oh Gosh, how do I run stuff on the back end? And I just don’t have that anymore. So I am 100% super reliant with the tech stuff handled.

Jenn Edden:                       And there’s a whole mindset piece you’ve been working on with me, right? Because I’m in it 15 plus years now. This is not new to me, coaching world. But it’s amazing when you look to scale and grow bigger than what I’ve been, we’ve been comfortable doing. You got to upgrade your mindset. You’ve got to because you get what you get, because it’s what you think about. So you also got us to have this mindset piece. So it’s not just the technical and the support, but like, “What are you thinking?” And it’s very similar to what I teach. It’s practical and it works because the results are showing up in my business. So kudos.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome.

Jenn Edden:                       Kudos, yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s great. So we talked about the coaching and support, the kind of taking a tech off your plate, but at the same time empowering you to understand it. And then third obviously the mindset. That’s awesome. See what, it’s funny because obviously we talk with all of our clients about it. It’s tough to sell mindset. It’s tough to sell something that’s kind of very intangible at that. But that’s the one thing that we all need. And as you mentioned, that’s a big component of what we help you guys really dial in.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Because there’s obviously self-doubt, there’s worry, there’s all that kind of stuff, especially for people who start to increase their prices. They’re like, “Oh my God, are people going to pay whatever, whatever?” So it’s been amazing to see like your transformation, a lot of other people’s transformations as well. So it’s pretty awesome. And that’s why I do what I do. So speaking of transformation, looking at the results that you’ve been able to achieve, what results have you been able to achieve in HBA and how has that impacted your business and your life personally?

Jenn Edden:                       Wow, so the first thing that came to mind was when we started talking mindset. And you were like, “Jenn well, what’s your best life number?” You talk about this a lot. What is this number? And I tend to blow stuff off because I … overwhelm can come. So for me, I keep it simple. So get the pipeline together, right? Start getting some calls booked and then I’ll deal with this best life thing Yuri’s talking about. So I got all that handled, dialed in the right women, right? My favorite peeps started to show up but the numbers weren’t there and you were like, “Well, what’s your best life number?” I’m like, “Oh dear God, I don’t know. How about I dial that in?” And you know what, and I put this in the group. The day I got clear on my best life number and how many calls, so how many strategy sessions I wanted and how many clients a week, I started to hit it.

Jenn Edden:                       Now I might not exactly be where I want, but to go from three calls a week to seven plus and it’s starting to come in like it’s not even next week yet, and I have about four already coming in and they look pretty good. Like that changes your life because then you sleep better. All my energy goes back into, okay, like the rest of my life because I’ve got something that’s working for me. It’s my 24 hour sales force. And when that goes on, I mean, people know about energy, right? Especially if we’re all health and we’re coaches and practitioners. Energy isn’t created or destroyed. Energy’s only changed. So now I’m just literally taken all the energy out of the black hole of worry and everything else and I go to bed like, “All right, I know I got this. Sales force is working, so excited for the morning.”

Jenn Edden:                       And another one booked while I was in Yoga, you know my whole downward dog story. Another one booked while I was in yoga.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, that’s great.

Jenn Edden:                       So it’s refreshing, Yuri, it’s refreshing.

Yuri Elkaim:                         And then for context, too, you don’t want to have 30 calls a week, right? You’re busy. We’ve talked about this so you know how many calls you want to have a week. Those at home listening and watching, it’s not like Jenn is like, “I’m at seven calls and I want 50.” It’s you want seven. Oh, what was your number like? Is it 10 calls a week or somewhere around that?

Jenn Edden:                       No, I wanted seven.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah.

Jenn Edden:                       And consistently one client a week would be incredible, but two new clients would change the financial history of my family. And we talked about this, fill college accounts, calm me down and we do vacations now and other stuff, but it’s the stuff that we never get to.

Building A Sustainable, Predictable Business

Jenn Edden:                       It’s a win-win. I get to help these women that could not find me up until now and I get to take care of my family. It’s a win-win Yuri, and, yeah, so I got three kids, we’ll talk about it. We’re getting them. I’m getting in an RV. I don’t want any of that. I want seven, and it’s predictable because I’ve been hitting that number and now it’s a matter of with all the support, like getting my mindset in place so that those women can get out of their own way. God bless them. Right? And come into the program. So …

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome.

Jenn Edden:                       That’s the predictability piece that I’m honestly having a love affair with.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yeah, totally. Not that you have to mention the price of your program or anything, but I just again, for context one or two clients, we’re not talking about a client who’s paying you like $50 a session. Right? We’re talking about premium prices guys. So for Jenn to bring in one or two clients, that’s a six figure business right there, a week easily.

Jenn Edden:                       Yeah, hands down.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So you mentioned the RV. This is, this has been a fun journey of yours. So talk, can you tell us though, you’re doing all this, okay? So you’re doing everything in HBA building up, ramping up this business and talk to us about what’s going on for you personally at the same time. Because I think this is a really, really important reminder guys, that your ducks are never going to be in a row. Stuff is always going to be going on in your life and gender. A great example of someone who just said, “You know what, I’m just going to do this anyways.” So talk to us about what you’ve been able to do over the last couple of months personally with the house and the RV and all that stuff.

Jenn Edden:                       Yeah, well the beauty is, let’s just go there real quick. Okay, so we’re getting in an RV, it’s 10 plus years in the making and last year we sat down and we said, “Hey.” We just had to put a stake in the ground the way you teach, but we did it around our personal life goals and we said, “Okay, so we’re going to move in a year. We’re going to sell the house, we’re going to sell everything. We’re going to take the three kids. We’re going to figure out how to homeschool and we’re going to buy this beautiful motor home and we’re just going to travel the entire country while I work out of the RV and my husband sells part of his business and works out of it as well.” And keep in mind I didn’t have a sustainable business. I’m like, “I guess I’ll do workshops. I’ll get a few clients here and there.”

Jenn Edden:                       But I knew we were going regardless. And then several months ago, this opportunity came up with you all and I was like, “I think I could do this. I think I could make my system predictable and then be able to get into,” forgive me for that doorbell. For me to be able to get into this RV, home school and do all this other stuff. And what you said is so true. So wherever you focus, you see results. So I nearly needed to streamline, I needed to say no to pretty much everything else other than HBA, my children. I needed to hire out and get some help to cook and do other things. And, and it’s been life changing and I can’t say enough about the predictability and I love what you said, because you say it all the time. “There is no right time.”

Jenn Edden:                       I just trusted. It felt right and, and it’s happening. So my husband’s actually picking up the RV today.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Nice.

Jenn Edden:                       30 days out. The system is working, it’s getting stronger every day and I 100% agree. If you keep it simple, and I do just what I need to every week. Like now I’m at the point where Facebook ads is my real focus and dialing in my message. It’s just not as hard as it seems. I just want to say that for someone who’s super not tech savvy, although I’ve gotten so much better, it’s possible. It’s possible. And you create how much you want. You want five a week, the system will do it. You just, right? We talked about it. More ad spend, more focus. For me, I want two a week and I want to be on the road in Arizona, hanging out with my family, knowing that Mondays and Wednesdays between 11:00 and 2:00 are the only times I take calls.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s great.

Jenn Edden:                       Talk about feeling empowered. So I’m forever grateful, you know that. Forever grateful.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome.

Jenn Edden:                       Yeah.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So complete the sentence. I almost didn’t join HBA because …

Jenn Edden:                       Because I knew I was getting in an RV, and what if the overwhelm that used to come over me, came over me this time and I didn’t see the results that I was really feeling that I would get from what you guys said you would deliver.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Cool. Awesome. So it was like healthy skepticism and obviously time crunch and, all that good stuff, which is I think is a very common objection or a place for a lot of people to be in, which is totally fine. So who would you … if you were speaking with someone or just in general, who would you recommend to HBA, and why?

Jenn Edden:                       Oh, health practitioners who know that craft, who know they have a bigger message, and up until now, it’s not been anything having to do with them and their energy. Because Lord knows, I have enough of that to light 10 city blocks. But it’s this predictable system that up until now you haven’t been able to find and, everyone is ready to sell you something. But the beauty is when it’s congruent, like I said and the message resonates, Yuri, anything is possible. I mean for me to pull off what I did after 15 years of doing it a different way, and see what I’m seeing after honestly, it was after four short months and now it’s six short months. I’m an entirely different person and I have a business now that is scalable. That’s life changing in six months. Six months can go by like that.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Yup.

Jenn Edden:                       15 years went by like that and in six months everything has changed. It’s possible. It’s the coolest thing ever.

Yuri Elkaim:                         That’s awesome. Yeah. Six months. Imagine where you’ll be in 15 years from now. Right? That’s pretty exciting.

Jenn Edden:                       I know, I can say that. I’m like, I’m thinking one year from now, we’re out of the RV. I bought a house. That’s my goal. You teach that and I really appreciate it. My goal is to be able to put a down payment, not touching any of the money that from the sale of the house and Jenn Edden Coaching generates the down payment for our next house, since we’re not going to have one. So I got the goals Yuri.

Wrap Up With Yuri

Yuri Elkaim:                         Well you will get there, my dear, I have no doubts and obviously rather quickly and much more quickly than 15 years. So Jenn, thank you so much for opening up kind of the kimono sharing about your story, your journey, and just being super candid about this whole process. Guys, if you’re watching this or listening to this and you want to be the next Jenn Edden, but you know yourself, obviously a better version of yourself, a better version of your business, listen, we can help you. I mean, Jenn mentioned if you’re really good at what you do, if you’re an expert in your craft and you know you can help people, but you just need a better system, we got it, right? And if you show up and do the work, just like Jenn has, you can create some amazing things in your business.

Yuri Elkaim:                         So here’s what I want you to do right now. If you’re listening to this, go to healthpreneurgroup.com/grow and you’ll land on a page where you can book in a time to chat with us. If you’re interested in making a lot more money and helping a lot more people, and if you’re watching this on YouTube or somewhere on this page, there should be a link around it that you can click as well. It’ll take you to the same process. So guys, thank you so much for tuning in. Jenn, thank you so much.

Jenn Edden:                       You’re welcome, Yuri.

Yuri Elkaim:                         I appreciate you. I appreciate the way you show up for your clients in the world. For our clients as well, and wish you all the best for just amazing success and fulfillment as you continue your awesome journey. So thanks so much.

Jenn Edden:                       Thanks.

Yuri Elkaim:                         Hey, thanks so much for joining us on this episode of the Healthpreneur podcast. If you’ve enjoyed this episode, here’s what I’d like you to do right now. If you haven’t done so already, please subscribe to the Healthpreneur podcast on iTunes and while you’re there, leave us a rating review. It helps us get in front of more people and change more lives. And if you’re ready to start work, scale your health or fitness coaching business, and want to start getting in front of more people, working with them at a higher level without trading time for money, then I invite you to check out our free Seven Figure Health Business Blueprint training, totally free right now. And you can do so at healthpreneurgroup.com/training.

For now, thank you so much for joining us. Continue to be great, do great, and I look forward to seeing you in the next episode.


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