The Smartest Business Plan For Personal Trainers

If you’re looking to build your personal training business, get clients, and make more money, you need a business plan that is specific for personal trainers. But a business plan for personal training doesn’t have to be a formal document that you take to the bank. However, you do have to know a couple of key things before you can grow your business.

First of all, you need to know your business model. In other words, how are you going to attract and convert clients and how will you deliver results to them?

You also need to determine your target market. Your target market should not be everyone. Any good business plan for personal training should include a single target market.

And there are two important reasons for this.

One reason is that when building a personal training business that targets everyone, your message is going to be all over the place. No one will really feel understood by you because you won’t be able to convince them that you have the solution that they need.

Second, if you’re working online and have, say, 50 or more clients, you’re going to need to focus on one objective. If each of those 50 clients had distinct objectives, you would never be able to scale your business.

Creating an effective business plan for personal training is not as hard or as complicated as you think it might be.

Watch this video to learn how you can develop a plan that will allow you to grow and scale your own personal training business.

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What You Missed

Today I’ll show you the 3 M’s for how to get clients as a health coach and I’ll also share exactly what it takes to be successful at online health coaching.

First thing’s first – congratulations on being proactive. COVID has shifted the way we do business. There has never been a bigger opportunity to be online than now.

If you want to help more people, make more money and free up more time, the online space allows you to do that.

But “more people” doesn’t mean “all people”. Most health coaches suffer in their businesses because they want to help everyone. So, how do you start a health coaching business online the correct way? Well, let’s reframe that question. Think of it like this… Is there a group of people whose problem you can solve while enjoying the process of helping them?

Knowing your target market intimately will help you speak to them effectively.

So, the secret for how to get clients as a health coach is you need to position yourself as the BEST online health coach in your field. Then, you need to make a good offer and make it unique.

Remember, specialists get paid more than generalists, so make sure you know your market, speak directly to it and make targeted offerings.

Follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll start winning clients for your health coaching business.

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👉 Watch our FREE TRAINING: The Perfect Client Pipeline here: ➡️